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Save money with these affordable RV solutions

Recent inflation in the cost of almost everything has everyone tightening their belts and looking for ways to save money. As fuel costs rise, some RV owners are wondering if they can afford to take an RV vacation this year.

Fortunately, there are still easy ways to cut costs so you can keep camping without breaking the bank. Here are our best RV solutions for affordable travel in these rather expensive times.

1. Camp near you

Saving money by not driving as far is one option that makes the camper possible. You will be surprised what you can find in your garden. There are countless exciting options for an affordable motorhome in your area. Planning your trips with RV LIFE Trip Wizard can help you find the best places near you.

2. Join a club

Club memberships are inexpensive and can save you a lot of money on camping fees at members’ RV campgrounds. These campgrounds are generally family-friendly, pet-friendly, fully affiliated campgrounds. These are some of the most famous camping clubs:

  • Campgrounds of America (KOA): KOA is known for its well-maintained family campgrounds. a koa Loyalty Club Membership offers you a free night, 10% discount on camping and more. KOA Loyalty Club members claim that the KOA Loyalty Club is worth the $33 fee.
  • Runaway RV Club: Escapees RV Club is one of the oldest and most popular RV organizations. Membership is only $50 per year and gives you a variety of benefits including RV site discounts, exclusive member discounts, a magazine, and even an online community.
  • Costco Warehouse Club Membership. If you don’t already have a Costco subscription, we encourage you to sign up. For $120 a year, you can get great deals on a variety of products, including groceries and camping gear. Your membership also entitles you to discounted gas and propane at select locations.

3. Welcome Bondocker

Welcome to the dockers boan Membership is just $50 per year and gives you the opportunity to stay for free at private properties with Boondockers’ welcoming hosts throughout North America.

Hosts are private owners in various places who don’t mind staying overnight (and sometimes longer). Also, you can allow some hosts to connect to your feed.

The only downside to Boondockers Welcome is that they now require the purchase of a Harvest Hosts subscription to access Boondockers Welcome.

4. Gather the guests

harvest hosts is the parent company of Boondockers Welcome. Harvest Hosts membership costs $99 per year. You can save on accommodation by staying at Harvest Hosts Winery, Brewery and Farm for an additional $40. You can even camp at various golf courses.

Harvest Hosts require RVs to be fully self-contained, you can only stay one night, and making purchases from hosts during your stay is strongly encouraged. Some places accept pets. However, Harvest Hosts could be an affordable option for RV owners who travel a lot.

5. Use virtual reality applications

Free gasoline friend lets you know where the cheapest gas prices are in North America. you can also use RV LIFE Travel Assistant To plan your trips in detail, you know exactly when and where you need fuel for your RV or truck. You can also review these fuel stops with satellite and road views to make sure you get on and off safely and get back on the road.

6. Eat more plant-based foods

Most people already know that eating plant-based foods is healthier and better for the planet. Making delicious plant-based chili, delicious baked beans, or delicious plant-based pancakes from scratch can save you a lot of money in the long run.

These foods can be just as delicious as meat alternatives. For plant-based country kitchen recipes your family will love, check out:

6. Bring a bicycle to visit the city

Riding a bike will save you money while enjoying the view. Electric bikes now come in all kinds of configurations, but they are heavy. Shipping weight adds a lot to your RV fuel bill, so you may not save much money with an electric bike.

Electric bikes are also more expensive, typically over $1,000. It is more than a decent entry level pedal bike.

7. Do not be tempted to buy virtual reality products

There are many cheap products until someone decides to sell them as special products for campers. Here are some examples of things that might seem overpriced just because they’re labeled “for RV use.”

  • VR toilet paper: Toilet paper should quickly dissipate in the black tanks of RVs. Toilet paper should also dissolve quickly in septic tanks. Septic-proof toilet paper works great on black RV tanks. However, RV toilet paper often costs more than double the cost of regular septic toilet paper.
  • Awning mat for mobile homes: Typically made with lightweight woven plastic yarns, an RV awning mat helps keep dirt out of the RV. An RV awning mat also gives the area under the RV awning a cozy feel. An RV awning mat costs almost $80+. A similar patio rug made of brightly colored, lightweight plastic yarns is available at Costco and elsewhere for about $40.
  • Camper Accessory Bags: RV power cords can be stored in an old travel bag, but you can also store them in a special RV accessory bag for around $50.

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