Adventures with Jane – Faywood Hot Springs & Cochise Stronghold | Summary of the most detailed faywood hot springs information

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Leave Jal, NM and move west. Rockhound SP, Faywood Hot Springs and Cochise Fort.

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Adventures with Jane - Faywood Hot Springs & Cochise Stronghold
Adventures with Jane – Faywood Hot Springs & Cochise Stronghold

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Adventures with Jane – Faywood Hot Springs & Cochise Stronghold.

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16 thoughts on “Adventures with Jane – Faywood Hot Springs & Cochise Stronghold | Summary of the most detailed faywood hot springs information”

  1. Loved it, Tim was stationed at White sands but I haven't been there yet. Or anywhere in NM, as a matter of fact.

  2. Hi, Mark.   Been following your travels, planning on doing that myself in a few month. Looking forward to you future videos,  Did you get you a Drone for you videos?   Mike

  3. Thanks for sharing. Have wondered what kind of rig you are pulling with your Ranger and what its gross weight is.

  4. Thanks for giving details on each of the camps. I stayed at Oliver Lee in NM, they had shower but it was cold water and had to keep pressing the button every 10 seconds. White Sands is such an amazing place. I wonder how long the elevators were down? A few YT people mentioned the same thing and passed on the caverns. Enjoy following along on your travels and picking up places for me to go. How cool all those peacocks!! 🙂

    Travel safe and take care,


  5. Surprised about Brantley Lake CG. We had a very nice stay 3 years ago. I hiked the Caverns in and out because of elevator issues. You made a smart decision.

  6. Hi Mark! Are you planning camping in the grand canyon area? Would be interested in the camping options.

  7. Hi Mark. I’m a new subscriber and heard about you from new normadic. I live in Los Lunas NM and visit the Deming area often to visit my sister, so I appreciate your photos and reviews of sites in that area. I plan to stay in Rockhound in a couple of weeks, or may go out to Faywood. I’ll be a Campground Host up in the Santa Fe National Forest this summer at Rio de Las Vacas. I plan to document my summer on YouTube mostly for my husband who can’t travel with me due to health and my grandchildren. I liked your answer to the question about YouTube channels, and I plan a more low key approach. I read Carolyn Higgins’ book on being successful in the monetized YouTube world and it is a full time job. I love the title of your channel and look forward to more reports. We lived in the Detroit suburb of Southfield for a couple of years and enjoyed forays into other areas of Michigan, a beautiful state. Hi to Irene. Be safe out there.

  8. Yay a video!!! So glad you’re back in Arizona, I love Cochise Stronghold although I have not been there in a while!! Mark…I’m headed to Cottonwood tomorrow, I really hope to see you there!! 👍🏼🌵✌🏼

  9. Another great video, Mark, chock full of useful information stated in an aesthetically pleasing manner. We take note of all the coords you post and hope to visit many of the places you enjoy. And…we'll stay clear of the ones you do not recommend. Question: I am giving thought to starting a you tube channel (not focusing on rv travel) but I am technically challenged. Any chance you might share some basic pointers on where to begin? I like your intro, music and photo inserts. Are there one or two links you might recommend on how to get started with a yt channel? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Your short videos are always pleasant to watch. Thanks for sharing!


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