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The tamp down is light and comfortable, but because it ‘s a 1 size fits all design, unless you ‘re very ‘average ‘ you might find some minor modifications are required. The design is fairly basic — top load with mesh side and back compartments and a obliterable cover compartment. The ease comes by and large from the aluminum stays and reasonably beefy back support and hep belt for the pack size — worth the slightly extra weight, in my opinion. With about 25 pounds in the throng, one normally did n’t notice it being there.

I would recommend to a weekend heavy backpacker or a lightweight hiker for extended trips .

  • weight
  • comfort


  • 1 size fits all
  • no front zipper

The Deuter ACT lite 50 was lightweight, comfortable. I could see hiking for very long trips with it. The follow are some observations I made about the purpose and fit. overall, I ‘m happy with it .
I merely bought this gang and used it for a weekend trip with ~20-25 pounds of gear and food. I ‘m small – 140 pounds, 5’81/2 ”. The gang was comfortable, though one was closely at the ends of its adjustability. Because of this, the sternum strap would n’t go the extra 1/2 column inch I wanted it to, and the hip belt had a upstanding 2 feet of dangling belt webbing. Both of these are fixable with some cut and sewing.

I besides value not having to unpack my bag to get at the things in the buttocks. There seem to be NO light weight unit ( < 3.5 pound ) and comfortable packs on the grocery store that add the extra slide fastener to make this possible. The Deuter is a substitute for my recently stolen Mountainsmith Rock-it pack, which was top and front load. extremely simple design - amazing pack - discontinued many years ago. hera 's my plea to pack makers - add the extra slide fastener ! I 'm willing to carry the supernumerary 3 ounces ! unfortunately, adding a zip up after the fact is probably not possible.

The exceed of the Deuter has an extra duration of grey substantial that converts it from 50 to 60L. It works but makes the pack all that more annoying to get things into and out of. I found myself rolling the extension materials into a collar to make pack and unpacking easier. This constricted the peak open even more. Either a wide exceed open or a movement slide fastener would have made this pack a joy to fill .
I removed the top pocket for a assign of the hike and found that the propagation metro is set up to fold over the presence of the pack and crochet to the two straps that normally pull the circus tent pocket/pack embrace. This work, but one was expecting to be able to roll the extra material ( there ‘s a fortune of it ) like one rolls the top of a raincoat udder before clipping to the straps. this did n’t seem potential. Again, minimal design change by making one of the two buckles on a strap and the carry cover & extension a male would make this possible .
The inner hydration pocket was great to have – a well as the hip pocket, though I can tell the hip pouch zip up wo n’t last very long – possibly it ‘s a quality issue or barely my bag. The zip up size seems appropriate for the pocket, and the pouch worked well for carrying a television camera and a few other little things .

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