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Bitter taunts? If it happens according to the concept of alkaline nutrition, it is not true. Because of this, too many acidic foods upset the acid-base balance and harm health. You can find out what’s going on here.

Should acidic foods be avoided?

It seems obvious that acidic foods can cause heartburn. Finally, when you burp, you are left with a bitter taste in your mouth. In fact, stomach acid is to blame, coming up through a weakened sphincter muscle between the stomach and the esophagus. However, acidic foods can make the problem worse, so a reflux diet should contain as few of them as possible. Too many acidic foods should not be good for the body, at least that is the opinion of the followers of alkaline nutrition. Whether this is true has yet to be scientifically proven.

What counts as acidic foods?

The division into acidic foods and alkaline foods is not as clear as it seems at first glance. Lemons seem alkaline, although they are very acidic. In contrast, “non-suspect” foods are acidifiers, such as pasta. Here are some other examples of acidic foods:

  • eggs
  • Cheese
  • The milk products
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Candy
  • bread
  • alcohol

Alkaline recipes dispense with these ingredients and contain plenty of alkaline vegetables, herbs, and low-acid fruits. This does not mean that acidic foods are completely avoided. Whole grains and nuts are considered “good” acidifiers. It depends on an acid-base balance. According to theory, acidic foods can be neutralized by eating plenty of alkalizing foods.

Acid during pregnancy and diarrhea.

And what about cravings for acidic foods? Cravings for acidic foods during pregnancy are very common. The context has not yet been specified. That the lack of vitamin C is behind this is a theory, nothing more. The thing is, if you have a craving for an orange, don’t hesitate to grab it. The link between acidic foods and diarrhea is also unclear. However, for acute illnesses, light staples can help, such as carrot-potato soup or mashed bananas.

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