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Listed below are all ACEND Accredited Programs. After each course of study ‘s address is the accreditation condition granted by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics ( ACEND ) and the date the program ‘s accreditation term ends. To learn which plan type may be correct for you, please visit our About Accredited Programs page. You can besides view accreditation status definitions. If you need help using the Accredited Program Directory, view the tips at the bottom of this page .
Program information and application forms should be requested immediately from the program directors .

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Search Tips

There are two sets of search features on this page. The top box will allow you to search for programs by state, department of state, and program type ( defined on ACEND ‘s About Accredited Programs page ). On the right, filters are available to search by academic degree offered by the plan, what a graduate of the broadcast will be eligible to do upon completion of the course of study, and early program features. Program Features include :

  • Course Credit Transfer Agreements: applies to students who have completed a Dietetic Tech program and have credits to transfer into a Didactic Program in Dietetics or a Coordinated Program.
  • Distance Education: programs where coursework and/or rotations can be completed entirely online.
  • ISPP (DPD): programs with a pathway for graduates who did not match to a dietetic internship but possess DPD verification statement to fulfill supervised practice hours in an ACEND® accredited program.
  • ISPP (Doctoral): programs with a pathway for doctoral degree holders to fulfill supervised practice hours in an ACEND® accredited program.
  • Pre-Select: Dietetic Internship programs that meet specific criteria to accept students prior to the internship match. View ACEND’s page titled DI Participation in Preselect Option
    for additional information, and contact individual programs to see if you are eligible to apply for preselect.
  • Student-Identified Supervised Practice/Experiential Learning: programs where more than 10% of supervised practice or experiential learning sites must be found by the applicant. Contact the program for guidance about their policies around how to identify appropriate sites.

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The information in this list, including broadcast details, is intended to be arsenic accurate as possible when posted, but is subject to change without notice. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics assume no duty for changes or errors in the compilation of this information, and no one access and using the information shall have any right of recovery on account of its practice .