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In this Accurate Valiant BV-300 / BV-400 / BV2-400 review we will take a attend at why the Accurate name has come to mean high-tech, high-quality and durable over the stopping point 29 years .
home of the patented twin drag system Accurate has produced respective reels for both light-tackle and blasphemous water. today we look at a few of their versatile models. The Boss Valiant BV-300, BV-400, and the BV2-400 a 2-speed version .
These American made reels can take you from inshore to offshore, and more. The BV-300 is a smaller lightweight option ( 9.9 oz ) ideal for know bait coastal fishing, or snapper fishing around reefs, while hush offering you versatility in being able to target school-sized tuna or yellowtail.

The BV-400 and the BV2-400 ( a two-speed version of the 400 ) weigh in approximately 50 % more than the BV-300 while remaining lightweight ( around 14 oz ). They fall absolutely into the emerging market for small reels that can tackle the adult fish .
These workhorse reels offer a bad aircraft grade aluminum consistency along with sturdy construction to offer lastingness akin to larger reels and the ability to bring in your next trophy .

The Bottom Line

  • This is one of the nicest compact conventional style reels around.
  • Extremely lightweight and strong
  • High level of manufacturing quality throughout, Made in the USA
  • Very durable aircraft aluminum body and stainless steel gears

The Accurate Valiant conventional reels are excellent workhorses get the BV-300 HERE / BV-400 HERE and BV2-400 HERE.


6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum body – The broken aircraft aluminum consistency has a unique curvature that Accurate based on the Roman arches and domes, granting it sparseness for weight unit while maintaining persuasiveness. This makes the virginia reel appreciably stronger while using less material .
Anodized for increased corrosion resistance – Normally you need special manage to prevent corrosion at the hands of the salt air and seawater in our favorite offshore fishing environment. however, the Anodization process adds a protective layer to the body of this reel protecting it from the elements longer .
Smooth, Easy Find Cam Stop Strike – Rather than having buttons at free-spool and strike the BV series has the easy detect cam check hit. This alone sport has a secure indent in the drag cam that stops the drag lever before it goes into full. utilitarian in the estrus of battle when going besides far into drag would cause more damage than good .
Sleeved spool for greater Free spool – The sleeved bobbin design on the BV series allows for improved draw and assists with your control when live baiting .
Precision-Cut 17-4 Heat Treated Stainless Steel Gears and Gear Shaft – These gears are designed to last. not deoxyadenosine monophosphate soft as the brass gears you find in other reels, the military capability of the tooth helps prevent slippage allowing you to steadily bring in that lunker .
The potency these gears offer is only matched by how unhorse they are. Accurate designed them with strategic cutouts to offer a reduction in system of weights without compromising military capability .
Patented Twin Drag – This arrangement is Accurate ’ s own patented design. The counterpart embroil system has become very popular over the life of the caller and incorporated into all the design we are looking at today ( BV-300, BV-400, and BV2-400 ) .
The system works by having two stainless steel steel clash washers on either english of the spool allowing a whack 23 pound of maximum drag off of the BV-300 alone and slightly more off of the larger models .
Accustop Calibrated Drag Lever – The lever puff on the BV series is unlike from those of other drag reels. The pry has graduated points on which you can place the pry without fear of it moving subsequently. This system gives you a way to incrementally increase scuff .
It besides has stops at the free-spool and utmost embroil settings. You can exceed both settings if you need to however, the stops are a condom feature to prevent you from losing a fish from slipping into free-spool or soap drag .
Lever Drag Recessed Ergonomic Thumb Plate – The deep-set ergonomic drag lever thumb plate ensures that you can comfortably manipulate your drag settings flush in the midst of conflict. There are no buttons to fumble with, only this easy to use finger plate .
Patented Direct Shift 2-speed mechanism – Another perplex patented design from Accurate the conduct shift key 2-speed mechanism on the BV2-400 allows for a agile and easy change in the gear ratio with the crusade or pull of a speculator button. If your prey goes deep on you, you can switch to low-speed cursorily .
besides, if it takes a run at the boat you can put the reel in high-speed and retrieve the credit line cursorily .
2 Stainless Steel ARB bearings with seal washers for improved corrosion resistance – Each of these reels feature a pair of sealed anti-reverse bearings for politic operation at gamey drag settings .
2 – Year Free Service Program – Accurate offers a 2-year free avail program on the BV Series reels. Simply ship the stagger to the Accurate postage paid along with your sales receipt or other proof of date of purchase. Make sure you include a description of the offspring you are having. Accurate will correct the publish and send it back to you .
Made in the USA – With quality parts made in the USA, you know they ’ re made to last .

 Features at a Glance

  • 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum body
  • Anodized for increased corrosion resistance
  • Smooth, Easy Find Cam Stop Strike
  • Sleeved spool for greater Free spool
  • Precision-Cut 17-4 Heat Treated Stainless Steel Gears and Gear Shaft
  • Patented Twin Drag
  • Accustop Calibrated Drag Lever
  • Lever Drag Recessed Ergonomic Thumb Plate
  • Patented DirecShift 2-speed mechanism
  • 2 Stainless Steel ARB bearings with seal washers for improved corrosion resistance
  • 2 – Year Free Service Program
  • Made in the USA

overall these are mighty reels, with a polish embroil system. The corrosion immune, uncompromising, carefully engineered construction of these reels say they are in it for the long haul. They have a 1-year limited guarantee in addition to the 2-year service plan .
Accurate recommends that you perform some sustenance to the reel at least once per year to keep it in top shape. If you do then I assure you these reels will last for years and perform beautifully while doing so .
The versatility offered by these reels will open up a broad range of species for you to target from bottom fishing to high-speed pelagics, and allows you to lighten your load when going out as you can use one stagger in place of a few reels.

personally, I have had the opportunity to target everything from big red snapper, grouper and sea bass on the penetrate to yellowfin, yellowtail, striped bass, mahi-mahi, barracuda, and cobia. These reels will handle reasonably much any fish up to the 50-60 pound range. One that I have not gotten on the other end of the wrinkle yet is a nice size sailfish, but I will keep on trying .
While Accurate reels have become popular in the last few years the company is distillery relatively unknown to many. I will tell you that once you have used a reel from Accurate you ’ ll report for their products from then on when choosing your gear .
The reels are decidedly on the more expensive slope, but as you know we like to fish lightweight gear and in this lawsuit, you get a dainty lightweight virginia reel that is designed with lastingness in mind .
I powerfully recommend you try these reels for yourself and discover the power and military capability behind the Boss Valiant series of reels .
For those who do not see the left-handed option on the board below do not fear. Accurate states that left-handed models are available upon request. After checking places like TackleDirect, the left-handed options are plainly the exemplar number with an L placed after it. For exemplar BV-300L .

For those of you who want all the details I have provided the chart below.

Model BV-300 BV-400 BV2-400
2 Speed
Frame 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum
Max Drag Twin Drag – 23 lbs. Twin Drag – 26 lbs. Twin Drag – 26 lbs.
Drag Lever Accustop Calibrated Drag Lever Accustop Calibrated Drag Lever Accustop Calibrated Drag Lever
Main Gear Heat Treated Steel Heat Treated Steel Heat Treated Steel
Bearings Stainless Steel ARB Stainless Steel ARB Stainless Steel ARB
Spool Sleeved Spool Sleeved Spool Sleeved Spool
Weight 9.9 oz. 14 oz. 14.3 oz.
Gear Ratio 6:1 6:1 6:1 / 3:1
Braid Capacity 325yds/30lb 325yds/50lb 325yds/50lb
Retrieve 38″ 38″ 38″ / 19″

Field Test

On a late trip out of San Diego, we put the Accurate Valiant BV-300 to the test on some yellowfin. We were chiefly fishing with live tease and the military action was blistering. The schools were thick with the majority of fish being in the 10-20 pound crop .
The BV-300 was super polish to retrieve and the twin haul system was very easy to adjust. I truly appreciated the boastfully what I would refer to as a ability cover. The know is large and gives you a big grip even when your hands a slimed from catching one fish after another .
later in the day, I decided to try a few topwater lures to test out the 38″ retrieve rate and I was not defeated. I was able to get a good topwater pungency and there is nothing I like more than watching a pisces just crush my entice as it skips across the surface of the water system .
overall I am going to say that the reel performed flawlessly and I would give this 5 out of 5 stars .


  • Super lightweight and hard
  • High-end materials throughout
  • Powerful, easy to use twin-drag organization
  • Versatile for a wide stove of fish


  • No bait clicker on the BV-300
  • A small on the costly side


If you want this particular conventional expressive style of a reel, and want to try and save a few dollars then I would have you take a front at the Avet SX Single Speed which will run about 2/3 of the monetary value but you do sacrifice something in overall quality and weight. A full recapitulation is pending in the meanwhile check out the Avet SX Single Speed Lever Drag HERE .
besides from Avet is the SX 2-Speed Lever Drag which again is a good reel at about 2/3 of the price but it is besides heavier and made with slightly lower quality of materials. A full inspection is pending in the meanwhile determine out the Avet SX 2-Speed Lever Drag HERE .
From Shimano take a expect at the Tekota A Levelwind in the 500 as an alternate to the BV-400. You will save a few dollars here and get Shimano quality. What you do not get is the twin-drag system. Drag and line capacity are reasonably airless. Check out the full moon review of the Shimano Tekota A Levelwind HERE .
concluding but not least I would have you take a front at the offer from Penn, the Penn Fathom Lever Drag which is available in both a single and 2-speed model. This is a lower price point bobbin and has die-cast vanadium machined body, lower rate aluminum and is quite a act heavier, however, the price point is about half of the Accurate Valiant BV series. Read the full Penn Fathom Lever Drag and Lever Drag 2-Speed Review HERE .

In Conclusion

overall this is an excellent series of reel. The BV-300, BV-400, and BV2-400 are worth the ask price if you have it in your budget. The uncompromising construction and well-engineered design help them outperform other reels in their weight class .
The smooth process and easily manipulated haul allow for an enjoyable know when using these reels. Accurate ’ mho reels live up to their reputation of being high technical school and brawny tools in your arsenal.

If you ’ re looking for a versatile stagger for offshore and some near land fish that will last you years to come, the Boss Valiant series from Accurate is an excellent choice .

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