Great hotel for everyone !

Three months late from my last stay, I was back doubly to my favorite Accor property in Pattaya, Movenpick Siam Hotel Na Jomtien Pattaya. Both stays were fantastic as the hotel was a dainty property that was filled up by lots of nice staff, tone by great services and thoroughly food. It besides offered excellent benefits to Elite members. The property was directly on the beach, every room of which had a private balcony that allowed guests to sit back and got the wide and adorable scene of the beach and sea vitamin a well as a breathtaking view of sunset. As an Elite member of ALL program, apart from a generous board ascent and loiter benefits, there were cover girl welcome amenities set in the board. These included a bottle of wine, a prevention of cocoa and 4 pieces of fresh bakery or a piece of patty for any extra occasion such as Wedding Anniversary or Birthday. I actually loved these outstanding welcome amenities. Their welcome rear letter besides made me feel warm welcome. The hotel was celebrated for being a ‘ Family Hotel ’ since it provided many amateur amenities, including Kids baseball club, a free-form pool, a waterslide, a large resort area, and free of bang Kayak and SUP Board etc. I stayed in a Junior Suit during the first stay and in an Executive Suit during the moment stay. Of course, the Executive suit was much bigger and properly separated into bedroom, support room and bathroom with a big round-bathtub and walk-in cupboard in there ; however, Jr. Suit was quite cozy and broad enough. Club Lounge Benefits, comprised of Daily Breakfast Buffet, Afternoon Tea and Sunset Cocktails were besides provided to Elite members. In addition, all guests were invited to the complimentary Chocolate hour, which served Chocolate Buffet for an hour during 16.00 – 17.00 hour. What a eden for Chocolate Lover like me ! Although Buffet Breakfast at Twist restaurant offered broad lines of international breakfast with live Egg & Noodle stations, I personally thought that the quality of some ingredients should have been better in order to meet the 5-star hotel standard. For model, they should have chosen Seabass over Pangasius Dory for cooking any dish. Besides, credibly due to being a very busy venue in the good morning, some staff seemed to be therefore tired that he/she had a crabbed face and impolite manner. On the contrary, staffs of other teams including Guest experience, Lounge, Front Office and staff the La Costa restaurant were fantastic. anterior to her personal leave, Khun Ratna had greatly managed my bookings to ensure I would have the most satisfy stays. During my stays, a new Guest Service crew, Khun Bobbi was improbable attentive in responding to my request and made my stays fabulous. undoubtedly, he will become a precious asset to the hotel easily soon. Furthermore, the Front Desk team, led by a very nice and active Front Office Manager, Khun Nui, was besides absolutely effective. Khun Poom and Khun Pla were rock candy, in particularly ! During the Sunset Cocktails time at Panoramic Lounge, I savored the consequence of having international canape, in concert with tasty alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages amidst, as the sofa ’ mho name stated, a bird’s-eye scene of beautiful orange flip and the sunset. Staff hera, specially, Khun Benz and Khun Looknam were amazing and energetic. Although food taste at the poolside La Costa, one of the hotel ’ s three restaurants was average, I was impressed by Khun Prik ’ s commitment and service. He went above and beyond to make my meals more please. additionally, I had a chance to meet Khun Q, a new Executive Assistant Manager, who had moved from another global hotel chain. He was remarkable friendly and had shown his impregnable mania to give his guests the high standard of services and care. He besides showed his prompt in making any adjustments or improvements in ordain to make a fantastic arrest for all guests by eagerly listening to negative feedbacks or recommendations. Frankly speaking, I in truth got pleasant stays and enjoyed my vacations here very much. I can not wait for returning to this hotel more and more.