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The most dangerous places where you should avoid swimming! From shark-infested beaches to teeming stretches of water #9 The Strid Across the Yorkshire countryside, an English river meanders through mossy stones and grassy meadows like a babbling brook straight out of a storybook. But it’s not just a cove or a backwater cove, as this area known as Bolton Strid connects directly to the River Wharfe, a wide channel of rushing water. So what happens to this strong current in the Strid? Aim down! The horizontal currents that carry water from the River Wharfe downstream become vertical as a series of cascades and slopes that calm the water at the surface but quickly flow downward. This has resulted in the formation of underwater shelves which act as traps for any creatures or people unlucky enough to be swept away by the current. No one knows how many were captured by the Strid, but local legend has it that no one ever entered Bolton Strid and came out alive. #8 Hoover Dam Located along the Arizona-Nevada border at over 725 feet, the towering man-made Hoover Dam is responsible for creating Lake Mead, a reservoir formed by the Colorado River. This impressive structure has accumulated its share of victims since its creation. During its construction, 96 industrial fatalities were reported, and dozens more lacked evidence of a direct correlation to work. In the last decade alone, more than 275 people have perished at the dam, victims of its 10 powerful hydroelectric turbines. However, one individual has narrowly survived the swim in recent years. One day in August 2017, 28-year-old Aaron Hughes from the UK decided to take a dip during a bachelor party with friends. In the space of 30 minutes, Hughes swam from the Colorado side of the river to the Nevada side, while battling a fast undercurrent. It wasn’t until he reached the beach opposite that he learned that all but one of the dam’s turbines had been turned off that day! Hughes was lucky, he became the first living man to swim so close to the Hoover Dam and escape with his life… plus a $330 fine from the local authorities. In addition to Hoover Dam, other dams may have large flared spillways with extremely strong currents that can suck a person into them. It’s safe to say that you should never swim near prey.

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9 Places You Should NEVER Go Swimming
9 Places You Should NEVER Go Swimming

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9 Places You Should NEVER Go Swimming.

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  1. I go wild swimming but i go to places that are known for it. In uk drownings happen alot due to people going in resevoirs and rivers. In last 2month we have had 11 ppl die due to drowning. If your gunna wild swim please be very vigilant and research these places before you jump in. They may look calm on top but underneath is a different story. Remeber you only dround once. Bare that in mind and safety comes first.

  2. Hudson River,NYC☠️. Swim there lol f your missing a limp otherwise you will grow an extra 😂

  3. Never swim in the berryessa lake, if you see water going down a pit and you are in the water
    Holy crap, you are done for

  4. you shouldn't swim near the dam as in the wall by yourself but farther away in the resovoir is generally safe

  5. Never swim in a dam or quarries. There are so many hidden currents people don't know about which end mostly in drowning.

  6. "its safe to say to never swim near a dam" Gee I had no idea. You are incredibly stupid if you decide "oh I'm going to swim in a damn" The world is full of idiots, especially those in power.

    Great content though.

  7. What about the south Africa straight where all the great white sharks live id rather drown than get eaten

  8. Looking at that spicy-mustard 1st person tunnel, was I the only sci-fi geek who heard the "Doctor Who" theme from the '70s?…🙃

  9. My wife and I were married on New Smyrna Beach 10 years ago… Still going strong. Never bitten by a shark…


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