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1km – 2:39.4 2km – 5:49.4. @samloch

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500m Row - 1:11.4
500m Row – 1:11.4

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500m Row – 1:11.4.

11.4 km to m.

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  2. Really easy to assemble, great smooth range of motion bestgym.equipment and zero noise! I totally love it. It is only an eight level so it’s pretty easy to use but a great machine. I love how easy it was to assemble. Great machine.

  3. I just did my 500m row test and I was so tired afterwards that I couldn't undo the straps on my feet and almost fell over lol. I passed the test though!

  4. Not the fastest anymore – Liverpool man rows 500 m in 1.10.5 equalling the current world record. Then carries on rowing, and breaks the current 2,000 m record, in a time of 5.26.1

  5. Great effort you monster…. have you ever tried upping the rate though and doing like quarter strokes so your rate can get to 50 plus? I reckon you could crack 1.10

  6. Damn I tried to beat this… Fucking impossible. But I did 300m in a minute. I am happy with this


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