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Baker, Inlet, 5th Water, Red Hill, Meadow

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We spent a month traveling in our minivan around Utah during November and needed a way to stay warm (and rinse off), so what better way to do that than to explore the 5 natural hot springs of Utah! Oh, and did we mention these are also 5 free hot springs in Utah to visit on your next trip! We personally think these are the 5 best hot springs in Utah to visit! Our favorite hot spring by far is Baker Hot Springs in Fillmore because it’s so out of the way and hardly anyone shows up. We spent 7 days here and only found a handful of groups. Definitely worth it if you want some privacy! Then it would have to be Meadow Hot Springs. Although this one is very busy and literally has people at all times of the day. We had a few opportunities to enjoy the 3 different thermal pools privately. Of the three, our favorite would have to be the coolest of the three, as there are so many tropical fish to swim with. The warmer pool is cool, you can even swim in the 30ft if you are trained or able! Our third favorite is Fifth Water Hot Springs in the canyon, often referred to as Spanish Fork Utah Hot Springs. You can camp nearby which is nice, but there is a 2.5 mile uphill hike to get to these beautiful and quirky hot springs. If you can and want to, we highly recommend these natural hot springs in Utah! Be warned, it gets crowded, but because they’re located in such a way (a mountain stream), you’ll likely find your own little pool to dip into. Fourth in line would be Red Hill Hot Springs in Monroe, Utah. These are great because they are the free, more natural and prettier version of the popular paid tub hot springs called Mystic Hot Springs located in the same town. Not crowded and there are restrooms which is a bonus! Fifth and last, I suppose Fifth Water Hot Springs would have been appropriate for this location, but instead we think Inlet Park Hot Springs, also known as Saratoga Hot Springs in Saratoga, Utah, belongs in fifth. This hot spring is shallow, fills up at night, and only has a few “hot spots” in the giant pool. It’s nice to be able to warm up and cool down easily, but when 30 people are vying for the same heat source, things get weird. Come in the morning or at noon and you might have this beautiful hot spring all to yourself! One interesting thing to note, at the heat sources, you can stick your leg in and have a simulation of being sucked into quicksand! 5 Natural Hot Springs in Utah 0:00 Introduction 0:10 Baker Hot Springs – Fillmore, Utah 0:50 Inlet Park Hot Springs or Saratoga Hot Springs – Saratoga, Utah 1:23 Fifth Water Hot Springs – Springville, Utah 2: 07 Rouge Hill Hot Springs – Monroe, Utah 2:52 Meadow Hot Springs – Meadow, Utah 3:53 Subscribe and like this video 3:58 Outro Go ahead and subscribe for more videos like this and show your support for who we are! We’re always posting new videos, so stay tuned for more! Our gear*: ▶ Check out my gear in the kit: Go to Camera: Microphone: Microphone Windscreen: Other camera: Drone: Favorite lens: Other lens: GoPro: Main tripod: Travel tripod: Vlogging tripod: Vlogging tripod Ball Head: Awesome Camera Strap: Our Camera/Adventure/Backpack/School/Travel… Well…the Whole Bag: Buy it, you won’t regret it for a second! We promise **Follow us on** Instagram: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Vantrails youtube: Vantrails insta: Jason’s insta: Heather’s insta: Pinterest: If you’ve made it this far, why not leave a comment and subscribe? It’s the freest way to help us and show your support for what we do! ** Buying anything through the Amazon short links or other affiliate links above gives us a small kickback to keep us going! Thanks in advance! white steam png from pngtree.com/so/white #naturalhotspringsinutah #hotsprings #utahhotsprings #utah

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5 Natural Hot Springs in Utah | Free Hot Springs in Utah | Baker, Inlet, 5th Water, Red Hill, Meadow
5 Natural Hot Springs in Utah | Free Hot Springs in Utah | Baker, Inlet, 5th Water, Red Hill, Meadow

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5 Natural Hot Springs in Utah | Free Hot Springs in Utah | Baker, Inlet, 5th Water, Red Hill, Meadow.

saratoga hot springs.

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