5 months to swim 2.5 miles (From zero) | Summary of information about 2.25 miles in km the most detailed

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Competitive swimmers can easily swim 2.5 miles without even practicing. Even if they haven’t swum in years. Their times may not be the best, but they have a huge advantage over newbie swimmers. Competitive swimmers know how to move through the water without too much effort. The slower they go, the easier it is. It doesn’t happen to people with little experience. But there is a way that in just 5 months a beginner can beat an out of shape competitive swimmer in a 4k run. Our channel on dry land: Swim camps: Join our Discord (swimming community): If you love swimming, you’ll like our webpage: Tik tok: Our favorite Amazon products: Instagram: Facebook: Thanks for watching! Swim fast! 00:00 – Competitive advantage 00:33 – Strength is not the most important 00:47 – Who is AAron? 01:00 – How to train for an Ironman swim 03:00 – The secret weapon (The Kick) 04:17 – Tap

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5 months to swim 2.5 miles (From zero)
5 months to swim 2.5 miles (From zero)

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5 months to swim 2.5 miles (From zero).

2.25 miles in km.

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  1. Follow this video series in order:
    1- Swim with LESS Effort: https://youtu.be/9Wm0kyjtmaE
    2- Is it really easier to kick less?: https://youtu.be/GMuYSlli3io
    3- The Most Important Body Part In Swimming: https://youtu.be/CxhHPhKEtSI
    4- The Speed is in Your Hands: https://youtu.be/Qnk_W5rzs2I
    5- Correct Breathing: https://youtu.be/DuYAuj7DkUs
    6- Correct Arm Movement: https://youtu.be/16mF-BUQRfI
    7- How to swim faster: https://youtu.be/2KhqIa5ates
    8- Beautiful Freestyle is the last step: https://youtu.be/mID8Mu1_nKQ
    9- 5 months to swim 2.5 miles (From zero): https://youtu.be/C0uBYuBmvw4
    10- The easiest way to swim: https://youtu.be/F7yP2bcoRgM

  2. I am at the finding comfort zone phase. The sweet spot is not natural either. Everyday I hit the pool to practice rotation, breathing, and kicking coordination. After 2 months I finally feel some progress and less fear. Your recommendation on kicking drill is new to me. I will start it. Also your video on CO2 tolerance I will also try to train for it.

  3. I did it in 12 weeks… 5km.
    I did it by learning and practicing the Total Immersion method I found on YouTube.
    I did it as therapy to accelerate my recovery from two years of lethargy and pain from a heart attack and RA.
    When there is a will… and discipline, there is a way.


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