#29 Arrowhead Hunting! KIller Big Sandy! | Generally the most complete knowledge big sandy arrowhead

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Bronzon and I are on our last hunt of the year. And did the man pay for it!!

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#29 Arrowhead Hunting! KIller Big Sandy!
#29 Arrowhead Hunting! KIller Big Sandy!

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#29 Arrowhead Hunting! KIller Big Sandy!.

big sandy arrowhead.

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19 thoughts on “#29 Arrowhead Hunting! KIller Big Sandy! | Generally the most complete knowledge big sandy arrowhead”

  1. Very Kool find not even sure where I'd start looking for them here in Alberta do you have a videonof your collection?

  2. Wow, what a point. Yep over here it would be a big sandy or Bolen Plain,. 6 to 9 thousand years, absolutely beautiful. Congratulations

  3. Solid finds as always there guys! That big old side notch is badass! As was the needle tipped stinger! Thanks for sharing and best of luck out there!

  4. Dang dude, I missed this notification, this video just happened to pop up watching YouTube on roku tv, Killer Finds Dude, y’all found some Beauties, Hope you get to feeling better, God Bless, GL&HH 👊🏹

  5. .Spectacular that Big Sandy my friends, it is a museum piece. The other finds were also very good. Blessings on your paths.

  6. Congratulations on some great year ending finds! I was lucky enough to find some on New Year's eve! I'm thinking Greenbriar @ 4:30. I've been wrong before though lol. Awesome gift too!

  7. Awesome way to end the year, stinger tip on your second one, bet Bronson was smiling all the way home, sweet Big Sandy, keep on em in 2022😎😎😎

  8. Man awesome day of hunting! I’m in north Alabama, and we have had a few days in the 80s as well , then tornadoes and the day after we had 6” of snow …. Crazy Alabama weather. That point was a killer bell . The other archaic point found was a straight up smoker man . Do y’all think that later culture found and used that older point ? I ask because I have found stuff out of place to . One was a damn Cumberland reshaped on the tip to like a wade or something. Thanks man , and I appreciate your video.

  9. Way to go guys, 80 degrees after Christmas must be nice. Did you ever make it to that river spot?

  10. Some great finds, 4:00 stinger.
    Fine looking archaic blade, have two that look like that material. Not 100 % sure on their types either. But that base could be transitional ?
    Thanks for the vids
    Like waritos are found w benton's n turkey tails. Darn benton's have a variety. Could be a b sandy too😆👍


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