2021 Trails West 34' Freeride Toy Hauler. Sleeps 8! | Cover the information about trails west freeride the most detailed

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UPDATE: Gray and black water tanks have been upgraded to 28 gallons each. At Life Elevated Trailers, we spend hundreds of hours each year filming and editing video to educate buyers about the great trailers from all of our manufacturers. With that in mind, we hope you give us the chance to win your business, because we know we can fit you in the right trailer for your needs. Enjoy this ride and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any advice or help in ordering the trailer of your dreams. Full troubleshooting video: follow us on Instagram and Facebook

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2021 Trails West 34' Freeride Toy Hauler.  Sleeps 8!
2021 Trails West 34' Freeride Toy Hauler. Sleeps 8!

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2021 Trails West 34' Freeride Toy Hauler. Sleeps 8!.

trails west freeride.

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39 thoughts on “2021 Trails West 34' Freeride Toy Hauler. Sleeps 8! | Cover the information about trails west freeride the most detailed”

  1. Sweet trailer, serves a specific purpose for many of us that just keep buying toys. Best part is reading your responses to all the jackasses that have no idea or common since. Keep up the good work and best of luck to the company in the Biden disaster.

  2. You think 2 hellcats could fit in it if you kept all the stuff in the front and didn’t have all the other stuff in the back?

  3. Looks extremely uncomfortable, foam mattress look thin, couch looks thin and hard, no privacy for master, tv in the way when it’s down, no head room, no kitchen space for preparing food, bathroom extremely small, minimal storage specially when it’s a toy hauler. Toy hauler means your going to have riding gear, helmets, tie downs, spear parts, clothing, tools and much more. Only thing this has over a traditional toy hauler is ummm going to assume built better

  4. You did a Fantastic job at describing the equipment & how it works. I know myself but there maybe someone we Is unfamiliar . A really good job.That unit is great Many features that anyone would Love. Only complaint The bathroom Tiny if you have 7 adults for the weekend No way & did I say Tiny. Can you opp with a Larger bath ?

  5. Most importantly… does it have an RVIA certification sticker on it? I’ve got a beautiful 48’ vintage outlaw that has none of these design quirks. It’s professional built and WAY nicer than any fifth wheel in any of the RV parks I’ve been to. Way nicer…. Means lots of jealous A$$HOLES asking if it’s a horse trail conversation or a lawn trailer conversion… then the idiot park managers start in about this useless sticker and this RVIA BS that the big rv manufacturers have come up with. I’ve been told that without the sticker I must leave the parks… I always respond with… “ That’s not an issue… I’ll leave when my paid reservation is completed. Get away from me.”… but I’m cut from a different clothe than most… Once they start their BS… I wouldn’t leave early if I hated the place. That said… it’s an issue if you want to go to different RV parks. Not so much for an adventurer or boondocks. Nice rigs!

  6. Door on drivers side is stupid to start with, horrible interior design that looks cheaply made and done, sink bathroom stove and master bed all smooshed in a small corner of a huge trailer 🤦🏼‍♂️

  7. Eww that living course is a disaster where is the fireplace TV where is the kitchen there’s one bathroom I prefer my cyclone toy hauler 45 foot it has two bathrooms fireplace a side patio

  8. this looks like the cimarron freedom toy haulers just a little more utilitarian. I think thats a good trade off to get a 2nd side by side in there.

    and if the price is anything like cimarron toy haulers this is gotta be 100k +.

    what size of truck is in this vid pulling it?? i would think you would have to have minimum 1ton. dually even with everything loaded up and all the tanks full.

  9. A couple of things I noticed
    #1 the drivers side is the main living side. Most rv’s the passengers side is the main living side with the drivers side being the utility side. Now this could be cool if you are traveling with another trailer/ group when you park the trailers side by side your living areas would be together. But at the same time this could bite you going into RV parks as most have the power water and sewer connections on the drivers side. I’d hate to have the sewer connection in front of me when I walk out the door or hanging out under the awning.
    #2 you say you like leaving the side door open with the screen closed. Now that’s great however where the door and awning are located if you leave the door open the awning will have an issue opening, and I would imagine if the awning is open the door will swing open and hit the arms of the awning. I know you can stop it from swinging to far by adding a chain or some other device.
    #3 it’s odd that you seam to have controls for everything in 3 different locations. I’d suggest moving them to one location near the door. That includes the radio, tank meters, awning control, heat thermostat, water heater, water pump, and solar charge controller (I would find it super annoying to have to crawl over the bed to check the solar status.)
    #4 it’s nice having that folding table but it’s a little weird that it covers the window, and because it covers the window you don’t get a window shade on that window.
    I know these are my opinions and not everyone will agree with them, and I do realize some of the things I mentioned are probably the way they are due to budgetary reasons

  10. That external T for the propane, I dunno, maybe it's just me but I think it should be inside a door like the other utilities to prevent it from getting knocked off and or broken…… Solar panel roof option maybe ? Check out the new LTO cells for battery…50,000 cycles, last a lifetime pretty much. Barn door's behind ramp with walk through door that can open and latch to the ramp in open position, awning cover maybe, maybe slide out…. air ride ? What no water slide off the roof :))

  11. Can you build this with a higher roof/ceiling and fit it with a hydraulic lift platform for smaller ATVs/dirt bikes to go up and out of the way for the razors ??

  12. During prototyping, did no one state the driver side entry was unsafe for shoulder of the road? Also the hookups on front driver side as well as door makes campsites impossible. Then again 50g water 17/17 holding tanks makes desert camping a bit difficult too. This is basically a really expensive overnighter/car hauler. But it’s VERY nice at being that! Great trailer for the drag strip or race tracks overnight or two. A beautiful garage with beds and bath.

  13. There is a whole lot to like about this trailer overall. But it still needs a bunch of refinements incorporated into its configuration in order to bring the functional execution of the hotel features up to common current market performance expectations. It’s missing a lot of common details expected at this market position.

    I find it puzzling why this trailer is set up for drivers/road side camping setup access instead passenger/curbside camping setup. It would be interesting to hear why that setup was chosen over a curbside setup. Also the rear porch bug screen needs to be reconfigured for a magnetic slit access so you do not have to raise and lower the complete screen every time for access.

    I like that this is set up with the understanding and intent to be used in dusty, dirty, muddy and wet environments. Easy wash down scrubbing capability is a nice feature.

    Overall, nice unit. But the feature and hotel components arrangement show the lack of the experience, refinement and placement experience the established RV manufactures bring to the table. A lot of details most RV users take for granted are either missing or clumsily placed on this design. I expect feedback from end users will provide for plenty of input for future refinements to be made to bring the convince and hotel functionality of these units up to market grade and standards.

  14. Nice, I rather have this over a standard travel trailer. Can make more use of it for hauling ,camping and more. Not sure why you went with wet bath since you do have the room. Plus if I or can I pull in the corvette and open the door to get in and out. Is there a drivers side lift panel for more open car door room or you don’t t really need it. Thanks, love to have these questions answered.


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