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Move to these places and you will regret it very much! Tennessee. From the bright lights of Broadway to the scenic Smokies, the Volunteer State has something for just about everyone. If you like good food and good music, this might be the place for you. But before you get carried away by rolling hills and southern charm, listen up, because today we’re going to talk about where you don’t want to live here. Now, of course, your idea of ​​evil would probably be different from my idea of ​​evil. That’s why I used data and opinions from OTHER people. We can all agree that things like crime, poverty and bad schools are things to avoid, right? Additionally, I looked at my data and the opinions of other Tennessees to get their feedback as well. And NO, Nashville is not there, although I’m sure with all the young people who have recently moved in and all the traffic and homeless people coming in, a lot of people in Nashville would probably say this place sucks now too . Which is sad. While Dolly Parton sings about working 9am to 5pm…some places in Tennessee just don’t work at all. Let’s see where the worst places in the state are. #tennessee #moving You can buy my music here: iTunes: Google Play: Amazon Music: This channel is all about America! The best video on this subject!

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10 Places in TENNESSEE You Should NEVER Move To
10 Places in TENNESSEE You Should NEVER Move To

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10 Places in TENNESSEE You Should NEVER Move To.

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  1. Rockwood LOL…. Chattanooga I totally agree with day time shootings have increased esp around Holtzclaw and Dodson ave..

  2. Kingston, TN. Sucks lived here 30 plus years . Town has gone down to where there's nothing here except empty buildings. Lots of drugs, lots of good ole boy crap. Certain people ruin this place because they have old faded ideas about up grading the town and bringing in business. Houses are extremely high??? You have a huge lake to look at put a boat on. Float around duh. Clannish, snooty not friendly.

  3. I lived in Chattanooga,right beside downtown and loved it….and I actually mooned everybody on the driving bridge that you showed at the first .

  4. I spent a couple weeks in Morristown this summer and had no issues. Seemed like a nice small to medium size town with recreational opportunities and great parks. Didn't expect to see it on this list.

  5. Cap on Morristown education. Go down to the east side that’s where all the rich kids live and the good schools

  6. This video is an excellent example of what results from some dolt who knows absolutely nothing about the places he describes trying to make money off his Youtube channel. Unfortunately, based on his apparent subscriber numbers, it looks like it's working for him.

  7. i live near lafollette

    can confirm dont move here

    we got to many yankees making our beautiful lake unfishable

    keep away its horrible here

    nothing but freedom lakes hills mountains nearly zero real crime one or two deaths a year type crap that are outright murders n such. its sooooo bad we got more yanks then we can handle

    the yanks made it horrible so yea i guess this is technically correct

  8. Anywhere in eastern TN would be 10xs better than Houston! All I hear is spanish speaking down here. We Love TN!

  9. Memphis the only town in the state where the gangs operate right on the interstate, at night going through don’t stop and don’t pull over unless you want to become a statistic.

  10. Lived here my entire life. Nashville, Knoxville, chattanooga, Memphis and a number of weird small town names. Didn't mind most and honestly the small towns in the middle of nowhere are places you should definitely watch over your shoulder when the sun goes down if you are not from there. Tons of people go missing in the north east and along the Appalachian Trail. Memphis is your hot spot for gang violence and gators have finally moved into the area. Beautiful state though, born here and will probably die here.

  11. As someone who lives in Newport its going down hill businesses are closing down and poverty is big

  12. #2 should be Lynn Garden.
    Little town in Kingsport! It has the biggest church in Tennessee probably, but you can buy any dope you want, or go to the liquor store within a mile of it!

  13. Radford Gatlin was the first postmaster in the East Tennessee area and named the community after himself – Gatlinburg.

    Radford was a Confederate sympathizer during the Civil War and the locals ran him out of town, never to return.

    East Tennessee was not pro-Confederacy. They couldn't afford slaves and were not willing to fight and die for the cause. There were many free Black Americans living in the area.

  14. Newport was best known in the '60s and into the '80s as the stolen car capitol in the nation. Chop shops was big business.

    Cockfighting has been a huge vice for the town for years. Raids net over 140 folks.

    Take some advice from an old East Tennessean, don't stop in Newport. Plan gas-stops in advance.

    Oak Ridge was built for the purpose of building the atomic bombs in WWII and is still the HQ for the nation's nuclear program. As a result, the city has a multi-cultural aspect. Oak Ridge National Lab produces world-class scientific research with the Spallation Neutron Source and Center for Nanophase Material Sciences. Top supercomputers in the world. There are about 100 flags of nation's that have researchers working there.

    More Nobel Prize winners have called Oak Ridge, TN home than anywhere else in the world.

  15. I hope people in California watches this and realize tn is the worst place they could move to and they go somewhere else, like arkansas, arkansas is awesome.

  16. I’ve lived in McMinnville Tennessee my whole life and had a great experience growing up there. I will say my father was a doctor, so i was very blessed growing up.


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