10 best Campgrounds in Berkshires, Massachusetts 

10 best Campgrounds in Berkshires, Massachusetts

The Berkshires County of Massachusetts is a beautiful area. It is located on the western side of Massachusetts, founded in 1761. With miles and miles of nature trails, forests, and water bodies. If you need a place to just kick back and relax, enjoy the outdoors, then this is the place to be. Pack up your bags, drive down to Berkshires, and choose from the very many campsites in this beautiful place. You will find places that will allow you to park your RV, or set up your tent, and other campsites will have them for hire.

Here are two of the most serene and amazing campsites in Berkshires that you can choose from, all of them can guarantee you an amazing time!

1. Beartown State Forest Site

Beartown State Forest site is a 12,000-acre forest in Massachusetts. There is beauty in hanging out in nature, in tranquility, and enjoying the serenity. The park has many amenities that people can enjoy- camping, a 1.5-mile hike, nature watching where one can catch a glimpse of deers, bears, and bobcats, horseback riding, biking, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, snowmobiling; there is a boat ramp, picnic areas, as well as grills available. There is a 35-acre Benedict Pond which makes the park even more spectacular.

2. Camp Overflow

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The family-owned Camp Overflow is a beautiful campsite in Massachusetts and has been in operations for over 50 years. The Camp Overflow is located by the Otis reservoir, a 1,200-acre lake. There are many amenities and activities that one will surely enjoy. There is a swimming pool, Wi-Fi, boating, a recreation hall, cable TV, fishing, tents, and many water sports. This, without a doubt, is one of the most peaceful places you will ever visit.

3. Bonnie Brae Cabins & Campsite

Located just 15 minutes from Tanglewood and many other attractions in Berkshires is the Bonnie Brae Cabins and Campsite. The facility has a lot of amenities like laundry services, Wi-Fi, game room, firewood, playground, a swimming pool, and electricity. Other activities at the Bonnie Brae Cabins & Campsite that one can do while there include fishing, outdoor games, swimming, games, hiking, watersports, boating, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming.

4. Mt Greylock Campsite Park

There are 72 spaces available for camping at the Mt Greylock Campsite Park. The park also has amazing facilities like Wi-Fi, a pool, fishing facilities, a fire ring, firewood, camping tables, gravel sites, grass sites, and tents are also provided. You can also take your pets along to the campsite. Mt Greylock itself is a magnificent mountain, standing at 3,491 feet, and on 12, 500 acres of land. The park also has more than 72 miles of hiking trails and to get to the camping site, one has to take a 2-mile hike from the summit to the camping site. The Taconic Trail State Park, the Clarksburg State Forest, and the Savoy Mountain State Forest are nearby, so you may want to check them out as well!

5. Privacy Campground

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On the mountainside is Privacy Campground which was built in 1973, and has playgrounds and camping facilities. There are also museums, theatres, music, historical attractions, sauna, dance, and boating. The place is also very good for families.

6. Pittsfield State Forest

Twenty acres of beautiful nature and more than thirty acres of the trail is what you will find at the Pittsfield State Forest in Berkshires. There are two campsites in the area with enough activities to do. Each of the campsites has a fire log and picnic table and one needs to make reservations to secure space. The park has waterfalls, flowers, streams, and even a swimming beach.

There are other facilities nearby like the Balance Rock State Park, that one can enjoy, apart from this beautiful state forest!

7. Mohawk Park Restaurant and Campground

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Located on the Mohawk Trail is the Mohawk Park Restaurant and Campground. Try the food there, the ribs are to die for! The Campground is located along the Deerfield River and has a very well-known restaurant. The campground is fitted with all one may need to enjoy camping- electricity, phone service, showers, firewood, is accessible by wheelchair, water, and even picnic tables. All you need to do is to set up your RV or tent and enjoy it!

8. October Mountain State

Lying on 16, 500 acres in Massachusetts is the October Mountain State. This is also more than just a campsite, once every so often, you will find Boston Symphony Orchestra nearby. But here, there are hiking trails, spaces to set up RVs and tents, nature walks, boating, hunting, hiking, snowmobiling, fishing, biking, canoeing and kayaking, and even hunting. Enjoy the scenic views at the boat ramp as you savor beautiful Massachusetts. There are three yurts (with bunk beds, chairs, and tables), and 47 campsites, and the campsite is near to several forests and reserves like the Pittsfield State Forest, Chester Bland-Ford Forest, East Mountain State Reservation.

9. Mountain View Campgrounds

Have you ever imagined being able to own a campsite? Where you can be able to set up your RV or tent, the Mountain View Campground in Otis is a coop campsite, which means that once you buy a piece of it, you can make decisions on how the facility is run. The campground has a lot of activities that one can take part in, throughout the seasons; 16 of them to choose from, including camping, biking, boating, backpacking, barbeque, and many others.

10. Fernwood Forest Campground

Enjoy the cool and peaceful environment at the Fernwood Forest Campground Massachusetts. The 115-acre campsite, which has a backdrop of mountains and woodland forests is just what you need to relax and have a good time. The campsite has 44 RVs and tents that can be reserved during Fall and Summer, take a stroll from the campsite to the Plunkett Lake where you can swim, fish, and even take a boat ride. Apart from the RVs and tents the campsite comes fully fitted with electricity, running water, toilets, a laundry area, a recreational hall, and even a playground for the young ones.

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