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【Decreted by Fate】 is trending on iQiyi with multiple subtitles, with 1 new episode from Monday to Sunday. Members can watch full episodes now. Become a member for more titles and exclusive benefits: watch more episodes for FREE and ONLY on the iQiyi app or website: www.iq.com! Application: Website: 【Introduction】Ye Rong’er, the “Zhang Fei Woman” of Lianwang County, whom no one dared to disturb, married Yin Sishen, the Marquis of Jing’an, whom she never had previously known. In order to settle her divorce lawsuit, Ye Rong’er decided to become a first-class matchmaker, thus establishing Boqing Inn, to break up marriages and solve affairs on a daily basis. At the same time, Ye Ronger discovered that the two high-level matchmakers who joined Boqing Inn had approached her with ulterior motives. What shocked her even more was that her “husband” Yin Sishen, who had run away from the wedding, seemed to be hiding between the two. 【Cast】Chen Fang Tong, Li Jiu Lin, Chongxuan W, Xu Shao Hang 【Trends】 《Be My Princess》 《Big Miss D》 《Under the skin》 《Life is a long calm river》 《Love under the full moon》 《My heart》 《Oh my Lord》 《Forever and ever》 《One and only》 《Love is sweet》 《Arsenal Military Academy》 《Crush》 《Sweet Teeth》 《Sweet On》 《First Love Again》 《The Day of Becoming You》 《Moonlight》 《Make A Wish》 《My Dear Guardian》 《Love Scenery》 Subscribe Now: iQiyi Variety: iQiyi TW: iQiyi Arabic: iQiyi Indonesia: iQiyi Korea: iQiyi Malaysia: iQiyi Spanish: iQiyi Thailand: iQiyi Vietnam: iQiyi Philippines: iQiyi K-Drama: iQiyi Romance: 【iQiyi】A streaming platform that offers exclusive dramas, hit movies, hit variety shows and anime for FREE with several subtitles. Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: #DecreedbyFate #ChenFangTong #LiJiuLin #iQiyi

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【FULL】Decreed by Fate EP01 | 千金难逃 | iQiyi
【FULL】Decreed by Fate EP01 | 千金难逃 | iQiyi

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【FULL】Decreed by Fate EP01 | 千金难逃 | iQiyi.

boundary county fair 2021.

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