Species of flowering plant in the amaranth family Amaranthaceae

Suaeda maritima
Suaeda maritima 01 by Line1.JPG
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Eudicots
Order: Caryophyllales
Family: Amaranthaceae
Genus: Suaeda
Species: S. maritima
Binomial name

Suaeda maritima

L.) Dumort.


    • Atriplex maritima (L.) Crantz
    • Chenopodina aestuaria Dumort.
    • Chenopodina bacciformis Dumort.
    • Chenopodina filiformis Moq.
    • Chenopodina maritima (L.) Moq.
    • Chenopodina maritima var. erecta Moq.
    • Chenopodina sativa Moq.
    • Chenopodina spicata Moq.
    • Chenopodina tortuosa Moq.
    • Chenopodium filiforme Dumort.
    • Chenopodium hostii Ledeb.
    • Chenopodium jacquinii Ten.
    • Chenopodium macrocarpum Desv.
    • Chenopodium maritimum L.
    • Chenopodium spicatum Schult.
    • Cochliospermum cavanillesii Lag.
    • Dondia fernaldii Standl.
    • Dondia maritima (L.) Druce
    • Dondia richii (Fernald) A.Heller
    • Kochia sedoides (L.) Schrad.
    • Lerchia maritima (L.) Kuntze
    • Salsola carnosa Moq.
    • Salsola chenopodiana Moq.
    • Salsola hostii Tratt.
    • Salsola indica Willd.
    • Salsola marina Moq.
    • Salsola maritima (L.) M.Bieb.
    • Salsola scabra Moq.
    • Salsola sedoides L.
    • Salsola strobilifera Moq.
    • Salsola succulenta Moq.
    • Schoberia crassifolia Steud.
    • Schoberia indica (Willd.) Kostel.
    • Schoberia macrocarpa C.A.Mey.
    • Schoberia maritima (L.) C.A.Mey.
    • Suaeda aestuaria Dumort.
    • Suaeda albescens Lázaro Ibiza
    • Suaeda bacciformis Dumort.
    • Suaeda cavanillesiana (Lázaro Ibiza) Cout.
    • Suaeda fernaldii (Standl.) Standl.
    • Suaeda filiformis Dumort.
    • Suaeda indica (Willd.) Moq.
    • Suaeda jacquinii Dumort.
    • Suaeda littoralis Grecescu
    • Suaeda macrocarpa Moq.
    • Suaeda maritima var. aestuaria (Dumort.) P.D.Sell
    • Suaeda maritima var. bacciformis (Dumort.) P.D.Sell
    • Suaeda maritima var. erecta (Moq.) P.D.Sell
    • Suaeda maritima var. purpurascens P.D.Sell
    • Suaeda richii Fernald
    • Suaeda tortuosa Moq.

Suaeda maritima is a species of flowering plant in the family Amaranthaceae known by the coarse names herbaceous seepweed [ 2 ] and annual seablite .

description [edit ]

It is a yellow-green shrub with fleshy, succulent leaves and fleeceable flowers. It grows to about 35 cm in salt marshes. [ 3 ] It is comestible as a leaf vegetable, and ascribable to its high salt contentedness it can be used in combination with other foods as a seasoning. It is found global, but in North America it is chiefly located on the northerly east seashore .

habitat [edit ]

This plant resides in aquatic, mundane, and wetland habitats. [ 4 ] But chiefly in salt marshes and ocean shores, normally below the gamey body of water punctuate. additionally, Suaeda maritima is able to catch mud and help build up the marshes. [ 5 ]

Development [edit ]

The leaves are dim-witted and arranged alternatively, with one leaf per node along the root. Their leaves besides absorb large amounts of salt and will turn red when oversaturated. [ 5 ] [ 6 ] The bloom can be either radially symmetrical or bilaterally symmetrical .

Life Cycle [edit ]

The liveliness hertz of Suaeda maritima is known to be chiefly per annum. This plant will perform its entire biography cycle from seed to flower then back to a source within a single grow season. All roots, stems and leaves of the Suaeda maritima implant will die and the only thing that can bridge the gap between each generation is a dormant seeded player .

medicine [edit ]

There are presently no known medical sources that the Suaeda maritima plant is used for .

food [edit ]

The young leaves of ocean blite can be consumed raw or cooked. [ 7 ] Although it has a strong piquant flavor. The seeds can besides be consumed raw or cooked. The ashes of the ocean blite have been used to create a substantial used in making soap and glass.

References [edit ]