The effigy above is the new logo of Uniqlo shop. Uniqlo is a japanese fashion brand that has evolved from a wayside store to a global brand drawing card in vogue and quality. The appoint is a combination of the short form for “ singular invest ” and a misspelling of an employee—the letter “ C ” was written as “ Q ” alternatively. In addition, the company created a dual language version of the logo, japanese and english lyric. The logo is used on all their products and advertisements. Uniqlo product designs are bold and basic clothing—no overwhelming prints, identical versatile, and do not go out of style .
The design of the logo is flat and simple so far bold. It consists of two clear-cut color palettes, crimson and egg white. The profusion in impregnation and line of these palettes attract the viewer ’ randomness attention. The loss square is the dominant tinge, which serves as the container of the text. It has the shadow of an electric red—the brightest crimson that a calculator proctor can display. The white character is set on the bolshevik setting resulting an implied knocked out impression. This kind of white is the pure and brightest out of all the colors and normally seen in nature, the color of milk and coke. The name of the sword is spelled out in either Roman letters ( good logo ) or japanese script ( leave logo ). The american logo consists of six sans serif Roman letters— “ UNI ” at the peak and “ QLO ” at the bottom. The baptismal font is a customize font, which is adapted from the font family FF DIN in boldface system of weights. All characters are capitalized, monospaced and centered. The japanese interpretation consists of four Katakana characters that has straight edges and dense strokes. Both versions are legible and easy to remember. These characteristics depict some hints of minimalism.

ff-din-bold-af-upper Uniqlo ’ s modern logo design is powerful. It successfully reflects not entirely the effect of the post but besides the japanese design and craft. japanese symbolism is achieved with the coloring material pallette and form. The colors red and whiten matches the japanese flag. The feather form resembles the appoint seals that are traditionally used in Japan as a bell ringer of ownership and authenticity. The seals bear either a motto, poem, or name of a person or an organization. It besides expresses strong trade relationship between United States and Japan by integrating both japanese characters and Roman letters. The new logo is a dim-witted representation of the contemporaneous japanese style .
Japanese Flag japanese Flag Japanese Seal japanese Seal

overall, there is no doubt that Uniqlo ’ south logo as a solid is satisfying as it ’ randomness products. Everything is carefully considered, from the ocular aesthetics to the symbolism. It is elementary, memorable, versatile, allow, and dateless. Just like what a veteran logo interior designer — Paul Rand — would say, “ Design is the dumb ambassador of your sword ” and “ good blueprint doesn ’ thyroxine date. Bad design does. ”

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