The new Realme C11 comes as a solution to the trouble of rising prices across the industry. It is priced at Rs. 7,499, and is positioned below the Realme C3, which until now was the caller ‘s most low-cost entry-level telephone. The budget end of the market, which is perpetually squeezed in terms of margins and flexibility, is of course the worst hit by price revisions. If your budget is less than Rs. 10,000, even a difference of Rs. 500 between models and variants could swing your decision. The Realme C3 ( Review ) was launched starting at Rs. 6,999 at the beginning of this year, but multiple revisions late the lapp unit now costs Rs. 8,999. The very similar Narzo 10A ( Review ) was meant to be a step up, but its price of Rs. 8,499 announced in May has now become Rs. 8,999 a well. That has not alone induce confusion, but besides left a gap at the buttocks of the market to be filled. It ‘s unfortunate that you are n’t getting vitamin a much for your money anymore, but the past few years have seen such acute contest that the overall standard for the budget segment has risen well, and you should even be able to get a effective deal. Is the Realme C11 the proper earphone at the right time ? Read on to find out.

Realme C11 price and specifications

There ‘s only one shape of the Realme C11 at the time of launching, with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of memory, and it will cost you Rs. 7,499. Realme has used the new MediaTek Helio G35 SoC, which is touted as a “ mainstream gaming ” solution. early than these core specifications, the C11 has a lot in coarse with the C3 and Narzo 10A. You get a very like 6.5-inch 720×1600-pixel HD+ riddle, and a 5000mAh battery. The primary rear camera has a 13-megapixel resolution, compared to 12 megapixels on its two siblings. That might seem like a rebuff improvement, but the aperture is down from f/1.8 to f/2.2 which means it ca n’t take in american samoa much light per photograph. The front man television camera is unaltered at 5 megapixels and f/2.4. This is a dual-SIM device with support for VoLTE. It only supports single-band Wi-Fi but there ‘s Bluetooth 5. You get all the common sensors including a compass and gyroscope. storage can be expanded by up to 256GB using a microSD poster in the dedicate slot. One noteworthy omission is that there ‘s no fingerprint lector, just like with the Realme C3. realme c11 rear ndtv c11 You do n’t get a fingermark detector, but the textured rear is good for bag

Realme C11 design

angstrom far as budget phones go, I think the Realme C11 looks quite good. It has a bunch in common with other budget Realme phones, and as usual, you would n’t easily be able to tell them apart looking at them from the movement. The sieve takes up closely the stallion expression of the earphone, but there ‘s a fairly thickly kuki and a waterdrop notch at the top. My review whole had a pre-applied adhesive scratch defender that did n’t quite reach the corners of the screen. You have a option between Rich Green and Rich Grey, which are both muffle and inert adequate to suit everyone. At this price level, there are no slick finishes or gradients. The body is made entirely of moulded plastic, and the rear does have a identical insidious texture of crinkled lines, except for a thickly stripe that runs vertically through the television camera blow. I like the consequence, and it helped with grip, but I besides saw fine particles of dust and dirt getting trapped in the ridges as I used the earphone. Realme has last changed the standard oblong television camera faculty that we ‘ve seen on multiple models now, going in for a square condition this time. There are alone two cameras, so this was obviously done chiefly for vogue, but it works. I ‘m not a fan of the outsize Realme logo though, and you do n’t get a case in the box with this phone to cover it up. The book buttons are above the power release on the right, which is unusual for Realme. The company continues to use the Micro-USB criterion on its budget phones, and it ‘s about time to move on. There ‘s besides a 3.5mm audio socket and a individual speaker on the bed. Weighing 196g and measuring in at 9.1mm slurred, the Realme C11 is relatively bulky. I found one-handed function a bit unmanageable, but the textured rear makes it easy to shuffle this call approximately in the handle without worrying that it might slip. It does n’t look like an expensive phone, but the build quality is solid and I could n’t find any demerit with the structure timbre or stopping point. I would have liked built glass on the front, though. realme c11 left ndtv c11 The power and volume buttons are on the right

Realme C11 software and usage

Realme ‘s software is by and large problem-free, compared to what some early manufacturers load onto phones, specially in the budget section. I did n’t have perturb with advertisements or annoying notifications, except for a few clickbait “ news program ” articles pushed by the Realme UI browser. Considering that Chrome is on the homescreen, there ‘s no motivation for this browser at all, but I could n’t disable or uninstall it. The review unit of measurement that Realme sent out had some preloaded bloatware, including at least one app that ‘s now banned in India. Realme clarified to Gadgets 360 that some batches of the C11 were manufactured and packaged before the ban was announced. While some early customers might besides see these non-functional icons, the apps in motion have been removed from units shipped out by and by. The early preinstalled apps include Doc Vault for your DigiLocker account, Realme Paysa for personal loans and indemnity ( which requires permission to constantly monitor your messages and localization ), Realme Link to manage versatile Realme accessories and get after-sales service, a Realme Store app for buying products, and Realme Community for company updates and forums. many of these apps have overlapping functions, but some can be uninstalled. Realme UI looks and behaves much like banal Android, and there are some customisations including themes. Beyond the common Android 10 features, you can change the icon grid density, adjust icon style, and activate some gestures to make using the big screen easy. Within the Settings app you ‘ll find options for split-screen multitasking, app clone, game optimization, privacy protection, and gestures. One neat touch is the ability to parcel your music with person else by using Bluetooth and wired headsets simultaneously. realme c11 bottom ndtv c11 There ‘s a Micro-USB port, 3.5mm audio socket, and loudspeaker on the bottom

Realme C11 performance and battery life

Being an entry-level smartphone, the Realme C11 lets you run whatever Android apps you ‘d like, but the feel might not constantly be great. I saw and felt some hesitation whenever I did even dim-witted things like waking the earphone from understudy and pulling up the app drawer or undertaking switcher. There is noticeable imprison not fair when launching and multitasking between apps, but besides when scrolling through photos in the veranda. It ‘s disappointing that the usage experience was n’t smooth. Benchmark scores revealed that the combination of the Helio G35 SoC and 2GB of RAM is only scantily adequate for an entry-level earphone. Scores were around what we saw from the Realme C2 and Redmi 7, which are now reasonably dated. I logged a seduce of 104,616 in AnTuTu, and Geekbench crashed despite repeated attempts to run it. The basic 3DMark Sling Shot graphics test managed merely 844 points, and GFXBench ‘s T-rex test besides alone managed to run at 33fps. If you ‘re expecting to run current-day games, you ‘ll need a higher budget. PUBG Mobile defaulted to its lowest graphics setting but was still choppy, with lots of glitches and texture pop-in. There was even lag in the menu. PUBG Mobile Lite was legato, though. Asphalt 9 : Legends besides took a while to load, and there was stuttering during races vitamin a well. The gaming experience overall was n’t bang-up, but at least the earphone did n’t get hot at all. The screen is pretty good considering the price of this telephone. Colours are sanely punchy and view angles are more than adequate. Videos front fine, but the speaker is not all that well. Music sounded tinny and harsh, and I found that even dialogue was indistinct in many instances. On the other hand, battery life is excellent. The low-end processor, coupled with the 5000mAh barrage, delivered a phenomenal 28 hours, 25 minutes in our HD video loop battery test. With everyday usage, involving a distribute of sound recording and video streaming, some camera consumption, and a little gambling, I was able to make the C11 concluding a day and a half before needing to plug it in to charge. realme c11 cameras ndtv c11

The redesign television camera bump gives the C11 a reasonably fresh spirit

Realme C11 cameras

My expectations obviously have to be in check when reviewing a low-cost phone. There are a few modes and options such as Panorama, Time Lapse and Slo-mo, and Realme boasts that the C11 ‘s Night modality is a inaugural for this price section. As with everything else on this call, the television camera app does n’t load identical fast which might make it hard to take spontaneous shots. Photo quality is reasonably disappoint, though once again we have to consider the price point that Realme has achieved. color gradients and textures are n’t rendered all that well, and contingent is decidedly lost in fine objects. Flowers and leaves did n’t constantly look natural, and we besides saw how the C11 can struggle with exposures when there are pronounce highlights and shadows in the same frame. Realme C11 daylight camera sample ( tap to see entire size ) Realme C11 daylight camera sample ( rap to see full size ) Portrait shots had nicely blurred backgrounds but exposure was poorer. There ‘s besides no way to adjust the blur before or after taking a a shoot. Some of the close-ups we took came out surprisingly well. Overall, photograph look good enough on the call ‘s screen and besides you can magnify and crop a short, but you ‘ll be able to see the flaws identical easily at 100 percentage scale. When it comes to low-light shots though, the Realme C11 very struggled. several of our samples were besides cloudy to make out anything at all, though some were satisfactory. The earphone had disturb locking focus and we ‘d have to tap the screen again after any movement. Realme C11 low-light camera sample distribution ( tap to see entire size ) Realme C11 low-light camera sample distribution with Night Mode ( water faucet to see full moon size ) Night mode did make a boastfully dispute, but surprisingly, not constantly for the better. The call did still have trouble concentrate, and the results are slightly cropped indeed you have to pay care to frame composing. Night mood shots had much better contrast and bright parts of the ensnare were sharper. On the other hand, details in dark regions were much lost, and in addition, noise was besides worse. You might find a nox shot taken without Night Mode to be more useful. Video is recorded at 1080p by nonpayment. It ‘s not excessively bad, but colours are decidedly not very vibrant and details are fair average. Any motion while recording video, evening decelerate pan, caused the exposure to fluctuate and some curious artefacts. stabilization is wholly non-existent. footage shoot at night is useless unless there is a source of artificial light directly over your subjugate. The front camera takes sanely good shots in the day but not at night, even in a well-lit room. Realme C11 portrait camera sample ( tap to see full size ) Realme C11 selfie sample ( tap to see broad size )


After a long period of discounts and price wars between smartphone manufacturers, we ‘re seeing costs rise across the industry. several models have had their prices increased barely weeks or months after launch, which of course means that a set of calculations and comparisons have to be reworked before you can make a buy decision. It is without doubt thwart that the Realme C11 is more expensive and less potent than the Realme C3 and Narzo 10A were at the times of their launch.

We would have liked better performance, and it ‘s clear that 2GB of RAM is insufficient – particularly since this means an update to the wax Android 11 know will be impossible. usage is n’t smooth with the C11, but you ‘ll be able to run most of the apps you need. The camera is unexciting, but serviceable. In context of the new reality of today, this is still a adequate entry-level earphone. however, you ‘ll get a far better experience if you can spend a little more and pick up the Realme Narzo 10A rather. In addition, you could wait for Xiaomi ‘s approaching Redmi 9 series, or consider recently launched budget models from Samsung, Infinix, and Honor. Why are smartphone prices rising in India ? We discussed this on Orbital, our weekly engineering podcast, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or RSS, download the episode, or just hit the maneuver button below .