At the end of a enormously productive 2020, Oppo released an ultra-affordable smartphone in the Oppo A15. It ’ s a solid effort with a large display and dependable battery life, but countless compromises – including poor people performance, a low-res display, and a sub-par camera – dampen the sense that you ’ re getting a bargain .

Two-minute review

At the end of a interfering 2020 for Oppo, the Oppo A15 was the brand ’ mho cheapest westerly smartphone volunteer yet. As such, you should set your expectations consequently. The call ’ s all-plastic body feels solidly built, if entirely unspectacular, and the bearing of a micro-USB port is something of a savage from the past ( to put it politely ). While its rear-mounted fingermark detector international relations and security network ’ t precisely forward-thinking, it ’ mho pleasingly quick and authentic.

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Turning to the front of the call, such a liberally sized display on a budget device international relations and security network ’ t the average. At 6.52-inches, and with a relatively high vertex luminosity, it surely makes an depression. It ’ second just a pity then that this display ’ s 720p resolution doesn ’ metric ton seal the deal. Media and network contentedness looks grainier than we ’ d have liked. lecture of media contented, avid gamers should steer pass of this handset. The Oppo A15 ’ s MediaTek MT6765 CPU is one of the humble on the grocery store, and it ’ second supported by a light 3GB of RAM. And as a result of these modest components, even general navigation takes a bite of a hit. Oppo has opted for a appropriately sparse camera apparatus in the A15 – something we wouldn ’ t necessarily be antipathetic to at this price, if it excelled at the basics. however, the camera apparatus ’ s miss of flexibility results in hapless daylight shots. And while there is a night mode here, it actually doesn ’ t seem to do much good in low-light conditions. One of the areas in which the Oppo A15 does deliver is barrage life. A fairly large 4,230mAh unit of measurement serves those meek components well, happily taking you into a moment day of consumption before needing a top up.. While it ’ randomness tempting to consider such a cheap, solidly built phone from this dependable brand, it ’ second deserving separating monetary value from prize. Put just, there are far better phones available for the lapp – or merely a fiddling more – money, including the Moto G8 and the Oppo A5 2020 .

  • Costs £119 (around €132/$162/AU$210) 
  • Available from now in the UK 
  • Unclear on whether it’ll come to US or Australia

The Oppo A15 landed in the UK on November 26, 2020, at a price of £119 ( around €132/ $ 162/ U $ 210 ). There ’ mho no news on a wide establish in the US, EU, or Australia as yet, but we ’ ll keep you posted. This UK monetary value makes it the most low-cost call the chinese manufacturer has released in the West, coming in well below the Oppo A53 ( £159 ) and the Oppo A72 ( £219 ). component in the Oppo A9 2020 and the Oppo A5 2020, and it ’ s been a interfering 12 months for this dependable trade name ’ s budget line. Oppo A15 ( image credit : TechRadar ) however, the Oppo A15 finds itself in a perilously besotted sub-section of the budget market, where necessity cuts to keep the price down could cripple a earphone. Phones such as the Nokia 3.4 and the Alcatel 3L ( 2020 ) have made similarly bully compromises to hit their sub-£130 price tag, with interracial results. Can the Oppo A15 pull off this delicate balance act, or has it trimmed besides much of the fat ?


  • Shiny all-plastic build 
  • MicroUSB and 3.5mm jack 

There ’ s no getting aside from the fact that the Oppo A15 is a super-cheap phone. Its wholly fictile plan is about wholly without embellishment. The rise of the device is a largely featureless sweep of plastic, glistening right improving to the degree at which it will be covered with greasy fingerprints. Your eye will probably be drawn to the straight television camera module in the top-left corner, which is framed by a faux-metal smother. good below this is a forcible fingermark detector, which is another augury that this international relations and security network ’ t a agio earphone. It is both reasonably debauched and reliable, however, which is important. You might expect the Oppo A15 to be a moment of a lightweight given all that plastic and a fairly slender 7.9mm body. But it has quite a heft to it at 175g. That international relations and security network ’ thyroxine inappropriately heavy, by any means, but you ’ ll know you ’ rhenium carrying it. ( double credit rating : TechRadar ) Around the front are some fairly chunky bezels by belated 2020 standards. The earphone ’ s frontal bone and chin, in particular, are larger than we ’ ve grow accustomed to. meanwhile, a teardrop notch makes the phone feel a short dated at a time when hole-punch notches have become more the average in the budget sector. The budget choices continue as we switch our attention to the bottom of the telephone, where a micro-USB port sits alongside a 3.5mm earphone jack. While the similarly priced Alcatel 3L besides includes a creaky micro-USB port, the Nokia 3.4 manages to go full-on USB-C – so it is possible .


  • 6.52-inch IPS LCD
  • Only HD+ 

Oppo Mobile UK managing director Kevin Cho claims that the Oppo A15 has been “ designed with users ’ social network and entertainment needs in take care ”, which explains the presence of a large 6.52-inch IPS LCD screen. It gets relatively bright ( for the monetary value ) at 480nits, and the colors are sanely balanced excessively. But the screen ’ s horizontal surface of distinctness doesn ’ thyroxine do media content any favors. At just 720 ten 1600, this is HD+/720p as opposed to the FHD+/1080p resolution that most phones tear for. You won ’ thyroxine be watching Full HD video recording content natively here, and with a pixel concentration of good 269ppi, network content and photos won ’ metric ton precisely pop either. ( image credit rating : TechRadar ) There ’ s no raise refresh rate, with a regular 60Hz output. We wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate expect higher refresh rates from such a bum call, but we have started seeing 120Hz displays in sub-£200 phones such as the Poco X3 NFC, so it ’ s worth note. It besides isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate unusual to find such a low-resolution display at this price, of path. The Alcatel 3L, the Nokia 3.4, and the Moto E7 Plus share this particular specification. But it does prompt us to recommend that you at least consider phones a little higher up the market, if your budget can stretch closer to that £200 crisscross. Just a little more money ( or similar money on a discounted early 2020 call ) can buy you far more bang for your sawhorse, particularly when it comes to the screen .


  • Triple camera: 13-megapixel wide, 2-megapixel macro, 2-megapixel depth 
  • Barely adequate in daylight; terrible at night 

The Oppo A15 comes with an apparent treble television camera setup, featuring a primary coil 13-megapixel lens supported by a 2-megapixel macro and a 2-megapixel depth detector. This is a familiar set up for the budget course – and, once again, the presence of that low-megapixel macro is hard to justify. extreme close-ups look so farinaceous and atrocious that we doubt many will use the Macro mode after their initial attack. It ’ randomness worth noting that the Nokia 3.4 and the Alcatel 3L both wedge in an ultra-wide lens – although it ’ randomness fair to say that brassy ultra-wides are never particularly bang-up. With that in mind, the argument for a single, decent wide lens is strong at this end of the market. Either way, the burden here is wholly for that independent detector to come effective. In general, evenly lighted conditions, the results are just about acceptable given the low price tag. There ’ s a reasonable libra to shots, with Oppo ’ s customary natural color science. however, we did notice a cliff in detail towards the edge of the pictures we captured with the device. Objects containing lots of intricate contingent, such as trees and bushes, would take on a farinaceous, heavy processed expect. You in truth don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to zoom in on any shots taken with the Oppo A15 either, since they don ’ triiodothyronine stand up well to closer examination. ( prototype credit : TechRadar ) speak of close examination, we found that close-up portrayal shots struggled to get our subject in full stress, both in normal shooting mode and in the dedicate Portrait modality. The television camera besides struggles with HDR situations, overexposing elements such as the flip in the background. placid, it ’ s potential to get pleasing, available results in day under the right circumstances. Low-light shoot, on the other hand, is a sum write-off. We question the bearing of the dedicate Night modality here since you don ’ triiodothyronine even get the forced ramp up in brightness seen with slenderly more expensive phones – good a whole distribute of fog and noise. The 5-megapixel selfie camera around front international relations and security network ’ thymine a lot bull, either. It tends to smudge skin tones, even with the Beauty slider apparently set to zero .

Camera samples

image 1 of 8 The detail on the bricks falls off towards the edges ( effigy credit rating : TechRadar ) effigy 2 of 8 Note the overexpose background ( image credit : TechRadar )

double 3 of 8 The macro camera yields noisy, bleary results ( persona credit : TechRadar ) double 4 of 8 Night manner fails to brighten up shots sufficiently ( image recognition : TechRadar ) image 5 of 8 The selfie television camera smudges skin tones ( image recognition : TechRadar ) visualize 6 of 8 detail seems to drop off alarmingly ( prototype citation : TechRadar ) visualize 7 of 8 Oppo ’ s algorithm capture coloring material quite naturally ( picture credit : TechRadar ) effigy 8 of 8 reasonable results, but don ’ t soar in to much ( image credit : TechRadar )

Specs and performance 

  • MediaTek MT6765 very slow 
  • Meagre 32GB of storage 

With a monetary value tag of £120, we wouldn ’ thymine expect the Oppo A15 to be an outstanding performer. But if there ’ s a certain minimum standard you ’ d expect from a smartphone, the A15 only scantily meets it. The perpetrator is the humble MediaTek MT6765 CPU, with a negligible 3GB of RAM supporting it. A Geekbench 5 multicore grade of 930 is identical depleted, tied when compared to other budget phones. Consider the older Oppo A5 2020 with its Snapdragon 665, which scored 1,301. Or, to use a contemporaneous of the Oppo A15 ’ sulfur, the Nokia 3.4, which managed to hit 1,188. It just pips the Alcatel 3L on 847, as a result of that telephone ’ s even less capable MediaTek MT6762. Benchmarks don ’ triiodothyronine tell the wholly fib, of path, but they tend to provide a touch of what can be expected. And sure enough, using the Oppo A15 is a far from a fluent experience, with small but frequent delays when moving between apps and scrolling through network pages. Apps such as Netflix can take a while to get up and running, and even Oppo ’ s own individual Settings menus take an supernumerary rhythm to load. Gaming is quite viable on the Oppo A15, but army for the liberation of rwanda from optimum. In PUBG Mobile, the graphic settings won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate go any higher than Balanced/Medium – one pass of the penetrate – and tied then the performance is far from satiny smooth. even a light, well-optimized crippled such as Bullet Boy stutters when you first load into a degree. ( double credit : TechRadar ) again, we need to remind you that this is a earphone that costs a bare £120. But we must besides repeat the indicate that shopping bright can get you a earphone that will run through tasks with fewer pauses, and play games smoothly on metier graphic settings at Full HD. elsewhere you get 32GB of internal storage, which truly isn ’ t a bunch when sub-£200 phones are starting to pack 128GB as standard. You can expand this by up to 256GB via the include microSD wag slot. The Oppo A15 comes with ColorOS 7.2 out of the box, which is a customs skin running on top of Android 10. It ’ s a reasonably clean and jerk and smooth take on Google ’ s OS, albeit one that suffers from brassy icons and slightly jumble menu. It can be a little annoying, besides, such as with the inability to uninstall apps directly from the home screen. Having to go into the Settings menu to show your remaining battery share is a persistent bogeyman of ours, excessively. however, ColorOS is a appropriately customisable UI, so you can tweak things to a reasonable degree of satisfaction. There international relations and security network ’ metric ton much in the way of bloatware either, and Google ’ s Chrome, Calendar and Gmail apps handle their respective duties in place of inferior alternatives .

Battery life

  • 4,230mAh battery 
  • 10W charging speeds. 

The Oppo A15 is powered by a 4,230mAh battery, which is ample for a earphone at this end of the grocery store. You ’ re unlikely to be indulging in hours of gaming given that humble processor, and even if you ’ re a sum video-streaming cad, the 720p output shouldn ’ metric ton prove besides taxing. In centrist use, you ’ ll well get through a wide day on a unmarried charge, and quite possibly through to a moment. Media will take an extra chunk out of your battery life, but not vitamin a much as you might expect. An hour of Netflix streaming with the screen set to entire luminosity sapped between 5 % and 8 % in our tests – which is weirdly variable, but broadly pretty potent. The Sony Xperia L4 lost 12 % under the like circumstances, while the A15 besides pips the likes of the Honor 9A ( which lost 8 % ) and the Realme 5 ( on 9 % ). Recharging using the bunch 10W charger and that creaky micro USB port international relations and security network ’ t besides rapid. Going from 17 % to 91 % took 90 minutes in our experience, and a quick 30-minute top-up from abject only saw a gain of 27 %

Buy it if…

You have a strict budget 
The main reason for buying the Oppo A15 is that you ’ re either unwilling or unable to spend more than £120 on your next call. Most alleged budget phones come in between £150 and £250 mark newfangled, which is a considerable dislodge percentage-wise. You want a no-nonsense phone that lasts 
Saving money is all well and full, but if you want to ensure that your bum call lasts through the day, the Oppo A15 is a fair bet. A relatively large 4,230mAh battery, in conjunction with a low-res display and low-power CPU, ensures ample stamen. You want a large, bright display 
Super-cheap phones tend to come with relatively small and dim displays. This international relations and security network ’ t the case with the Oppo A15, which comes with a large 6.5-inch shield that gets enough bright .

Don’t buy it if…

You want speed
While you may not expect blistering pace from a cheap telephone, the Oppo A15 is dense by anyone ’ randomness standards. Its low-end processor leads to numerous pauses and delays, and high-end 3D games preceptor ’ thyroxine move well. You want to watch Full HD media 
That sieve might be adult and brilliantly, but that only serves to highlight its meager 720p/HD+ resolution. You won ’ t be getting those Netflix videos at their best with the Oppo A15.

You want a strong, flexible camera
even at this end of the market, it ’ s potential to get a flexible camera system with ultra-wide options. The Oppo A15 comes with entirely one genuine television camera, and it isn ’ t what you ’ d call a cracker – particularly in low light. first reviewed : January 2021