Khwaeng in Thailand
mural paint of Wat Maha Phruettharam, the beginning name of the subdistrict Maha Nakhon–Si Phraya Intersection, besides known as Maha Set Intersection, where Si Phraya meets Maha Nakhon and Maha Set Roads overlaps the area of Si Phraya FamilyMart at the entrance of Soi Chom Sombun on the side of Rama IV Road inbound Maha Phruettharam ( Thai : มหาพฤฒาราม, pronounced [ mā.hǎː pʰrɯ́t̚.tʰāː.rāːm ] ) is one of the five khwaeng ( subdistrict ) of Bang Rak District, Bangkok.

history [edit ]

The subdistrict is named after the local synagogue, Wat Maha Phruettharam Worawihan ( วัดมหาพฤฒารามวรวิหาร ), or known in short as Wat Maha Phruettharam, the third base grade temple of worawihan, an old monastery whose accurate origin is unknown, in the first place named Wat Tha Kwian ( วัดท่าเกวียน ). The name of synagogue is derived from the caption about the legendary king of Ayutthaya era, U-thong ( the fabled king was not King U-Thong, laminitis of the Ayutthaya Kingdom ). He had escaped cholera which was seriously spreading at the time. He travelled by kwian ( wagon ) and came to park his big dipper in the sphere, but was told that area was the resting position from the travellers who travelled by the kwian. late, King Mongkut ( Rama IV ) named the temple Wat Takien ( วัดตะเคียน ), and he jointly built the new temple with his son, Prince Chulalongkorn ( late King Chulalongkorn or Rama V ). The synagogue was renovated and being raised to the royal temple and was renamed Wat Maha Phruettharam Worawihan by King Chulalongkorn. This temple is regarded as one of the oldest and most remarkable temples in the area. Highlights of this temple include walls of the ordination dormitory are covered with beautiful murals depict the 13 ascetic practices of Buddhism from barely above the floor right up to the ceiling, regarded as different from other temples, and in the third base build, the sanctuary with a 19 megabyte ( 62 foot ) reclining Buddha in aureate. Considered as the second largest reclining Buddha after the reclining Buddha of Wat Pho in Rattanakosin Island. [ 2 ]

The temple situated on the leave side of Maha Phruettharam Road, a short road that separates from Rama IV Road inbound at Hua Lamphong Intersection opposite to Bangkok Railway Station, more normally known as Hua Lamphong, at the corner of Charoen Sawat 36 Bridge and parallel to Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem canal southerly and bend slenderly towards the west before terminates at the foundation of Phitthaya Sathian Bridge, where it combines Charoen Krung Road. The road is located on the border of Bang Rak and Samphanthawong Districts. [ 3 ] It is served by only one BMTA ‘s bus line 1. [ 4 ]

geography [edit ]

Maha Phruettharam can be considered the northernmost area of the district. [ 3 ] Neighbouring subdistricts are ( from the north clockwise ) : Pom Prap of Pom Prap Sattru Phai District, Rong Mueang and Wang Mai of Pathum Wan District ( Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem and Rama IV Road are the partition lines ), Si Phraya and Bang Rak in its zone ( Si Phraya and Charoen Krung Roads are the partition lines ), Talat Noi of Samphanthawong District ( Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem is a divider trace ). [ 5 ]

demography [edit ]

In 2017 it had a total population of 11,609 people ( 5,396 men, 6,213 women ) in 6,551 households. [ 3 ]

Places [edit ]

important places [edit ]

  • Wat Maha Phruettharam Worawihan
  • Mahaprutharam Girls’ School
  • Wat Kaew Jam Fah (Wat Kaew Fah Lang)
  • Siphraya Polytechnic College
  • Mandarin Hotel Bangkok
  • Central Labour Court and Pathum Wan District Court
  • Sapanluang Church
  • The Second Church Samyan
  • Hua Lamphong MRT Station (entrance 1, 4)
  • Bangkok Centre Hotel

department of transportation [edit ]

  • Rama IV Road
  • Si Phraya Road
  • Maha Phruettharam Road
  • Maha Nakhon Road[6]

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