Superheroes walk in front of a sun in Marvel's Midnight Suns. With E3 2022 canceled, there ’ s a vacuum at the concentrate of the television game commercialize season. many eyes are on Summer Game Fest for being both the lengthiest and the widest-ranging presser on the horizon. But the host, Geoff Keighley, recently saw equip to temper expectations ahead of the display, saying that it won ’ metric ton be flush with the “ world premieres ” for which his events have become known.

This post was originally published on June 6, 2022. now in its third base year, Summer Game Fest is both a singular event ( a showcase featuring trailers from a across-the-board scope of video recording game publishers ) and a promotional creature ( a logo that gets plastered on every piece of video recording marketing from Memorial Day through Labor Day ). basically, it ’ s a way for Keighley to cement his life tenure as gaming ’ second idol of ballyhoo. But for all intents and purposes—at least here— “ Summer Game Fest ” refers to the case. ad

Where to watch

summer Game Fest starts on Thursday, June 9, at 2:00 p.m. ET. And if we can get an “ RIP ” to me and my peers, that ’ vitamin d be capital : A calendar list suggests it ’ ll run for three hours. ( last year ’ randomness event run for three and a half, but that besides included the hour-long “ Day of the Devs ” indie showcase. Update, 6/9, 1:00 p.m. ET: Keighley confirmed before the picture that it ’ ll operate less than two hours. ) You can stream Summer Game Fest on YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter. Or, if you in truth wan na see Kaiju Geoff, it ’ ll air at IMAX theaters in a few twelve cities around the country .

What to expect

During a Twitter Spaces held over the weekend, per a VGC transcription, Keighley went into full arithmetic mean management mode, saying that the show will primarily focus on games that have already been revealed. “ We ’ re doing some good stuff for you, but decidedly manage your expectations in terms of the megaton shocks that you ’ rhenium expect, ” he said. “ We ’ ve got lots of good stuff to show you but buyer beware of some of the crazy rumors I ’ m seeing out there in terms of things people expect to get announced. ”

A child stares at incoming debris hurtling toward the surface in Planet of Lana. A promotional sizzle reel —set to a cinematic remix of Halsey ’ s “ Young God ” —showed a glimpse at a skid of games, both approaching and recently released, that ’ ll show up in some capacity. And a handful of publishers have already made it know which of their titles will make appearances. Among other games, you can expect to see :



What to hope (but not hold your breath) for

Yes, everyone in the universe wants news about God of War Ragnarök, the sequel to Santa Monica Studio ’ south 2018 boot of the action series. For one thing, Sony already had its big PlayStation event of the temper ( focused on third-party games, but still ). For another, in recent years, Sony has veered toward unveiling information about its first-party output via consecrated livestreams with brief runtimes. so certain, it could pop up, but don ’ triiodothyronine get your hopes up besides much.

That Starfield, Bethesda ’ s first sprawling role-playing bet on in 10,000 years, is among the teases for Summer Game Fest is curious. Though it was planned for a November 11, 2022 release date, Bethesda recently delayed Starfield it to the first part of 2023. You ’ vitamin d remember Microsoft would hold onto all of its first-party blockbusters for its own big presser, scheduled for Sunday good afternoon. But I suppose with more than two twelve first-party studios under its umbrella, Xbox presumably has plenty of other stuff—possibly even some unannounced games—to show off, so it could let its biggest known quantity go to Summer Game Fest with little to lose.
EA is one of the partner publishers with Summer Game Fest, so some of the games in its pipeline— like Skate 4 —could potentially make an appearance. notably, some massive publishers who typically have a boastfully show during E3 season, including Nintendo and Ubisoft, are not among the list of partners. A representative for Ubisoft told Axios it ’ ll shun Summer Game Fest in prefer of something “ later this year. ” Nintendo, meanwhile, has been radio silent. ad