The Strongest Hero is celebrating a one year anniversary of the game ’ s launching ! Stay tuned for huge in-game events, free of modern characters, player rewards and more.

The action packed zanzibar copal RPG of My Hero Academia is now available at your fingertips ! Be the hero you always wanted to be from the stumble zanzibar copal, take powerful Quirks into conflict and contend against villains alongside other players in this RPG multiplayer game ! Earn rewards and immerse yourself in an excite scheme fighting plot with PVP battles & strategic missions.

Experience the city of Honei, with its many heroes in train, professional heroes and scheming villains. Explore this open populace RPG : Take a amble through the streets, greet its citizens and fight villains threatening the base hit of the earth. Collect your darling zanzibar copal characters from MHA and create a team to take on patrol !

Roleplay as your favorite heroes ( or villains ! ) from My Hero Academia ! This RPG adventure gives you full restraint over anime characters – train hard, upgrade their skills, equip gearing and even feed them to reach the acme of the Hero Rankings !

Fight your means to the crown and go from the Quirkless Deku all the way to mastering All for One ! Download My Hero Academia : The Strongest Hero nowadays !

My Hero Academia Features :

Anime Action RPG :
– Relive the legal action and act as your front-runner MHA characters to help protect Honei !
– epic fight, daily quests, login rewards, special stages, large emboss fights & new character releases much
– gambling through iconic moments & events from the master serial in scenes rendered in-game
– strategy is needed as you accept a countless of missions : from protecting people & arresting criminals, to rescuing cats !

Battle Strategy & Abilities :
– contend using Quirks from MHA : Explosions ! Anti-Gravity ! sound Blasts ! Detroit SMASH !
– Become the strongest champion and unleash your touch affect in a cinematic finish
– Battle as your front-runner characters & use their unique Quirks that are displayed with beautifully handmade animations
– PVP Arenas : Kick, punch, & expressive style on opponents in one on one zanzibar copal battle duels

Anime Character World :
– Control the likes of All Might, Bakugo, Todoroki, and many others in high gear octane fight !
– act and learn the ins and outs of your favorite character – never lose again !
– Characters from the League of Villains like Hero Killer Stain and hero squads are yours for the taking
– Heroes and villains are ready to fight in this action-packed roleplaying crippled !

Multiplayer RPG :
– open world functions let you fight with other players !
– Roleplay on-line and strike up a conversation, send emotes and make newfangled friends
– join Hero Unions to create your own improvised champion representation and decorate the Heights Alliance dorms just like the show !

Go PLUS ULTRA with all your favored characters and villains in My Hero Academia : The Strongest Hero !

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