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good property without quailty Arrival Start with careless welcoming service they left me stand for 10 min waiting for anyone taking charge for check in then person approached me gave me a seat and get my ID then took another 5 min and person came back again to ask me for ID and ask the same question. This was my fourth stay and I ’ m Diamond member of All Accor they never care to remember and recognized ( I expected this because they keep doing this every time ) Room The room I stayed is a biggest board of this place ( room100 ) president ocean villa which stunning view from board. my dad requested only this room in movenpick Huahin room charge around 20K THB per nox ( I think this is good price for the room ) But the thing is many part of the room is not quick for use and out of order. -living room blinds doesn ’ thymine work on arrival. – Washing dip drain not well – there is no cold water in the bathtub and their hotwater seem like it could boiling blink of an eye nooddle. hotel staff told me to hold it couple hours to cool down but I come back found dry bathtub because drain plug was leak. then I try again use ice bucket to dilute hot water sol funny story because I slipped on the bathroom floor that was not a bad deal. Almost every defect and broken stuff was not be able to fix in my stay ( 3 days ) Breakfast Breakfast buffet was fine but they provided me special gem in the spinach boodle. By the means restaurant remove contaminated bread immediately and made new one for us. But I got daunt of it already. Food in Ban dam restaurant is very delicious with a effective ocean scene and atmosphere. Spa is the strongest point in this hotel. therapist has good position and massage techniques with long feel. This is only good experience while I stayed One more big disappoint experience is room card was issued lone one night front desk didn ’ t give me proper roomcard publish tied I prepaid the hale stay at the check in and I besides come back to front desk for clearing my bill on moment day but they didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate check my wag. then we come back from dinner outside while it ’ second raining and get to the room ( very army for the liberation of rwanda from front desk ) my ma urgently has to go to toilet. But can not get in because roomcard turn red at the door. This made me extremely superintendent angry.I walked thru the rain to front desk and went nut at the front desk ! ! ! ! indeed crazy Checking out GM appointed me to talk about my experience found in this last out but finally he refused to meet me without good reason his name is Mr. Sven Walter. ( If you found my massage here I would like to tell you that I disappointed your refusing to meet me it would be better if I got your explanation and advice and promise to improve ) Thanks for K. Bow for our especial lunch we appreciated it. Ps, Guest come with aged please has person go along everywhere because slippery shock and doorway entrance always has many measure go up and down and hotel doesn ’ thymine provide rubber flip flops we should prepare ourselves shoes. My experience foundation on my quell on 14-16 May 2022