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EVA Airways Corporation ( pronounced as three letters : ; chinese : 長榮航空 ) ( TWSE : 2618 ), of which “ EVA ” stands for Evergreen Airways, is a taiwanese external airline based at Taoyuan International Airport near Taipei, Taiwan, operating passenger and dedicated cargo services to over 40 international destinations in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. EVA Air is largely privately owned and flies a fully international path network. [ 4 ] [ 5 ] It is a 5-star airline, rated by Skytrax. It is the second largest taiwanese airline ( after China Airlines ). [ 5 ] EVA Air is headquartered in Luzhu, Taoyuan City, Taiwan. The company motto is “ Sharing the World, Flying together ” ( 分享世界,比翼雙飛 ). Since its establish in 1989 as an affiliate of shipping accumulate Evergreen Group, [ 6 ] EVA Air has expanded to include vent cargo, airline provide, grate handling, and aviation mastermind services. [ 4 ] Its cargo branch, EVA Air Cargo, links with the Evergreen worldwide shipping network on ocean and country. [ 5 ] Its domestic and regional auxiliary, UNI Air, operates a medium and short-haul network to destinations in Taiwan, Macau and China with its independent hub in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. [ 5 ] As of January 2018, EVA Air is the fifteenth safest airline in the world, with no hull losses, accidents, or fatalities since its administration.

EVA Air operates a assorted fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, with Airbus A330, Airbus A321, Boeing 777, Boeing 787, and ATR 72 ( operated by UNI Air ) airliners primarily used on passenger routes, along with Boeing 777 bottom aircraft used on cargo routes. [ 5 ] The airline was one of the first carriers to introduce the Premium Economy class ( previously called Elite Class by EVA Air ), which it debuted in 1991. [ 5 ]

history [edit ]

plunge [edit ]

Aircraft in flight. Side view of twin-engine jet with extended landing gear and flaps. EVA Air began commercial services in 1991 with Boeing 767 aircraft. In September 1988, during the twentieth anniversary celebration of Evergreen Marine Corporation ‘s establish, company chair Chang Yung-fa announced his company ‘s intentions to establish Taiwan ‘s foremost individual external airline. [ 5 ] The opportunity to create a major min airline had fair arisen following a decision by the taiwanese government to liberalise the nation ‘s air travel transportation system system. [ 5 ] [ 6 ] government requirements still mandated ball-shaped experience and fiscal capital requirements for any company seeking license to initiate external airline overhaul from Taiwan. [ 7 ] Upon reception of regulative approval, EVA Airways Corporation was formally established in March 1989. [ 7 ] The airline was primitively to be called Evergreen Airways, [ 8 ] however this was deemed besides similar to the unrelated Evergreen International cargo airline. [ 9 ] In October 1989, the newly formed EVA Airways Corporation placed a US $ 3.6 billion club for 26 aircraft from Boeing and McDonnell Douglas, including Boeing 747-400 and MD-11 airliners. [ 8 ] Operations began on 1 July 1991 with a humble fleet of Boeing 767-300ER aircraft featuring business and economy class seat. [ 9 ] [ 10 ] Initial destinations from Taipei were Bangkok, Seoul, Jakarta, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur. [ 9 ] By the end of the year, the EVA Air net had expanded to include extra cities in East Asia and its first european destination, Vienna. [ 9 ] first year revenues reached US $ 40 million. [ 9 ]

expansion in the 1990s [edit ]

In 1992, EVA Air received the foremost of its Boeing 747-400 aircraft on club, and launched its premium economy class, “ Economy Deluxe “, on its 747 transpacific flights to Los Angeles, beginning in December of that year. [ 5 ] [ 9 ] EVA Air ‘s premium economy cabin was the first in the global [ 11 ] [ 9 ] [ 12 ] featured a wide-eyed 2-4-2 abreast configuration, [ 5 ] legrests, individual seatback television, and enhanced meal services. EVA Air ‘s Economy Deluxe cabin ( late renamed “ Evergreen Deluxe “ and “ Elite Class “ ) proved popular with the traveling public. [ 5 ] [ 13 ] For international services, EVA Air ‘s 747s were configured with 104 premium economy seats as separate of a 370-seat, four-class cabin, in addition to beginning, occupation and economy classes. [ 9 ] In 1993, EVA Air added flights to Seattle, New York, Bangkok and Vienna with the Boeing 747-400. [ 5 ] Aircraft in flight. Side view of quad-engine jet with extended landing gear and flaps. An EVA Air Boeing 747-400 in the airline ‘s original livery ( 1991–2003 ). By 1994, EVA Air was providing regular service to 22 destinations worldwide, and carrying over 3 million passengers annually. [ 9 ] In 1995, the airline posted its first net income on revenues of US $ 1.05 billion, one year ahead of agenda. [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 9 ] Internationally, EVA Air ‘s rapid expansion and increase passenger bulk was boosted by its base hit record, in contrast to its elementary rival, China Airlines. [ 5 ] [ 14 ] In addition to receiving IOSA ( IATA Operational Safety Audit ) documentation, [ 15 ] EVA Air in 1997 achieved coincident official ISO 9002 documentation in the areas of Passenger, Cargo, and Maintenance Services. [ 16 ] Dedicated EVA Air Cargo operations began in April 1995, with the first weekly McDonnell Douglas MD-11 bottom flights to Taipei, Singapore, Penang, San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. [ 5 ] EVA Air Cargo ‘s fleet was expanded to five freighters by the end of the year. [ 5 ] Previously, EVA Air Cargo operations chiefly relied on passenger aircraft cargo space. In the mid-1990s, EVA Air expanded into the domestic Taiwan market by acquiring shares in Makung International Airlines, followed by Great China Airlines and Taiwan Airways. On 1 July 1998, all three carriers, arsenic well as EVA ‘s existing domestic operations, merged under the UNI Air claim. [ 5 ] UNI Air became EVA Air ‘s domestic intra-Taiwanese subsidiary company, operating unretentive haul flights out of its base in Kaohsiung, [ 5 ] Taiwan ‘s southern port and second-largest city .

festering in the early 2000s [edit ]

In 2000, EVA Air embarked on its first major long-haul fleet reclamation. The airline became one of the establish customers for the Boeing 777-300ER, ordering four aircraft plus eight options. [ 5 ] At the same time, the airline placed three orders for the Boeing 777-200LR. In January 2001, EVA Air ordered its first Airbus aircraft, the A330-200. The Boeing 777 aircraft were intended for United States and European services, while the Airbus A330 aircraft were intended for regional asian routes. [ 5 ] In 2001, EVA Air began listing public sprout offerings on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. [ 9 ] Initially, one percentage of the party ‘s shares was offered nonprescription, with one-fourth hold by rear company Evergreen Marine Corporation and EVA Air employees, respectively. [ 5 ] In 2002, EVA Air undergo internal corporate reforms, with staff reductions and streamlined management. [ 5 ] This culminated a march which had begun in 1997, when the asian fiscal crisis began affecting profitableness. [ 5 ] The 2002–2003 SARS contagion besides affected passenger traffic for medium-haul flights in Southeast Asia, while long-haul flights to North America, Japan, and Europe were less affect. [ 5 ] In 2004, EVA Air converted its remaining eight options for Boeing 777-300ERs into firm orders. [ 17 ] The first Boeing 777-300ER entered service as EVA Air ‘s newly flagship aircraft in July 2005. With the arrival of its newfangled Boeing 777s, EVA Air launched a comprehensive revamp of its cabins, introducing lie-flat seats in its fresh Premium Laurel commercial enterprise class cabin, and upgrading its bounty economy merchandise to the new Elite Class cabin. [ 18 ] The airline ‘s A330s were introduced with two-class Premium Laurel and Economy cabins. In December 2005, EVA Air and its consociate divisions had 5,098 employees, and the airline ‘s network spanned 40 passenger destinations worldwide, with extra cargo destinations. [ 4 ]

Repositioning in the deep 2000s [edit ]

In 2007, EVA Air announced a around-the-clock Taipei to New York ( Newark Liberty International Airport ) service, to be operated with its new long-range Boeing 777-300ERs. [ 19 ] At the lapp time, the airline withdrew passenger service from Taipei to Paris. [ 20 ] On 31 October 2008, EVA Air announced a resumption of Taipei to Paris service with twice-weekly passenger flights beginning 21 January 2009. [ 21 ] In 2008, the airline besides announced the suspension of services to Auckland. [ 22 ] The carrier wave besides prepared to increase direct flights to China, [ 23 ] after initiating weekly rent flights in July 2008 following changes to the Three Links travel agreements .
Side view of aircraft in flight; fuselage painted with cartoon faces and reads 'Hello Kitty'. Hello Kitty special livery. An EVA Air Airbus A330-200 inspecial livery. For the 2007–2008 period, EVA Air coped with a 34 % surge in fuel prices, which contributed to a US $ 61.2 million 2007 loss. [ 24 ] In August 2008, EVA Air reported a second quarterly personnel casualty due to increase fuel costs. [ 25 ] In answer, the airline implemented cost-saving measures, including flight schedule reductions and fee increases. [ 23 ] In early 2008, EVA Air ‘s business position in El Segundo, California, announced a major staff decrease, with over half the staff advised that they would no long be employed by May 2008. [ 26 ] Functions performed by those local staff were shifted to Taiwan by half, such as the reservation center. EVA Air carried 6.2 million passengers in 2007, [ 24 ] and employed 4,800 staff members as of April 2008. [ 24 ] The carrier returned to profitableness in the first quarter of 2009, with a US $ 5.9 million net gain. [ 27 ] In August 2010, EVA Air was named one of the top 10 international airlines in Travel+Leisure’ s World ‘s Best Awards. [ 28 ]

farther expansion in the early 2010s [edit ]

In March 2010, EVA Air began services to Toronto. In November 2010, EVA Air began nonstop flights connecting the inner-city Taipei Songshan and Tokyo Haneda airports. [ 29 ] In 2010, Chang Kuo-wei, son of Chang Yung-fa, returned to serve as EVA Air ‘s president, and the mailman recorded increased sales and annually profits. [ 30 ] In early 2011, the aircraft carrier announced that it had applied for airline alliance membership with Star Alliance, [ 31 ] and late that year clarified that it was in talks to join either Oneworld or Star Alliance by 2013. [ 32 ] In June 2011, the carrier began nonstop flights from Taipei to Guam, [ 33 ] and in October 2011 the carrier announced around-the-clock service from New York ( JFK ) to Taipei. [ 34 ] On 27 March 2012, EVA Air announced that it would join Star Alliance in 2013. [ 1 ] On 24 September 2012 EVA Air signed a partnership with Amadeus IT Group Altéa cortege for its Altéa Revenue Management system. On 18 June 2013, EVA Air became a full member of Star Alliance. In October 2014, EVA Air announced its intention to expand its North American network by adding new routes to Houston in 2015 and Chicago in 2016, along with expanding 55 flights per workweek to 63 flights per week to North America. [ 35 ] In October 2015, EVA Air announced its captive to purchase up to 24 Boeing 787 Dreamliners and two extra 777-300ER ( Extended Range ) jetliners from Boeing. EVA Airways joined the 787-10 launch customer team. [ 36 ]

late developments [edit ]

In November 2015, EVA Air unveiled a raw livery on its Boeing 777-300ER. [ citation needed ] In January 2016, Evergreen Group chair Chang Yung-fa died, leaving master of the company to his son by his second marriage, Chang Kuo-Wei. In March 2016, a coup d’etat by the three children of Chang Yung-fa ‘s inaugural marriage removed Chang Kuo-Wei as president and replaced him with Lin Pang-Shui ( Steven Lin ). [ 37 ] Chang Kuo-Wei former established a raw airline separate from EVA Air, called StarLux Airlines. [ 38 ] In June 2016, EVA Air was one of eleven airlines to be given a Skytrax 5-star denounce, along with All Nippon Airways, Asiana Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Etihad Airways, Garuda Indonesia, Hainan Airlines, Japan Airlines, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines. [ citation needed ] On 24 August 2017, EVA Air unveiled its third-generation uniform, designed by manner house Shiatzy Chen. Those raw uniforms were rolled out in November 2017, replacing the second gear generation undifferentiated that was introduced in 2003. [ 39 ] On 2 October 2018, EVA Air took delivery of its first of four Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. [ 40 ] The airline has orders for 20 787-10s and options for six more. In June 2019, EVA Air took pitch of its first of twenty dollar bill Boeing 787-10 Dreamliners .

corporate affairs and identity [edit ]

management [edit ]

EVA Air ‘s headquarters. As of 2011, EVA Air ‘s corporate leadership is headed by Chairman Lin Bou-shiu and President Cheng Chuan-yi. [ 41 ] EVA Air ‘s president plays a elementary role in managing EVA ‘s commercial enterprise operations. [ 5 ] other members of EVA Air ‘s board do digest and service services of the ship’s company, including its cater and maintenance divisions. [ 5 ] Related areas outside EVA Air ‘s direct management include UNI Holidays, Evergreen ‘s Evasión travel service [ 42 ] and Evergreen Laurel Hotels. [ 43 ] EVA Air has its headquarters, known as the EVA Air Building, in Luzhu, Taoyuan City. [ 7 ] [ 44 ] [ 45 ] EVA Air is largely privately owned. [ 4 ] Primary shareholders are evergreen Marine Corporation ( 20 % ), Evergreen collapse Chang Yung-fa ( 15 % ), and Evergreen International Corporation ( 11 % ). [ 41 ] Foreign investors and individual stockholders combined clasp 28 % of EVA Air shares. [ 41 ]

Cultural details [edit ]

EVA Air has differentiated its onboard servicing by using Taiwanese ( Hokkien ), Mandarin, Hakka, English, and other languages for its in-flight cabin announcements. [ 13 ] The decree of Hokkien and Mandarin has varied since the carrier ‘s establish. EVA Air has besides used min family songs in its board music, including an orchestral form of “ Longing for spring Wind ” performed by the Evergreen Group ‘s Evergreen Symphony Orchestra. [ 13 ] The carrier ‘s aircraft and employee tinge dodge has at times been interpreted by observers as patronize for the Pan-Green Coalition of taiwanese politics, [ 46 ] chiefly due to Evergreen collapse Chang Yung-fa ‘s political views in the 2000 presidential election, [ 46 ] [ 47 ] but this affiliation changed following Chang ‘s support of the Pan-Blue Coalition in the 2004 presidential election. [ 47 ] The carrier has far abstained from displaying official markings of Taiwan on its aircraft, and received expedite approval of international bring rights as a consequence. [ 48 ]

Branding [edit ]

list and logo [edit ]

The name “ EVA ” was taken from two letters of “ Evergreen ” and the first gear letter of “ Airways. ” The identify “ EVA ” is always spelled in capital letters and is pronounced “ E-V-A ”. The airline uses the logo of its rear caller, using green with an orange trim. The orange trim was removed on the current logo. [ 49 ]

Livery and uniforms [edit ]

Double-deck aircraft in flight, with deployed landing gear. An EVA Air Cargo Boeing 747-400BDSF in the 2002-2015 bilious. The standard EVA Air livery use dark green, signifying lastingness, [ 10 ] and orange, representing technical invention. [ 10 ] The stern globe logo is intended to represent stability and dependability, and its placement on the stern, with one corner off the edge, represents service invention. [ 10 ] The EVA Air livery was updated in 2002, adding a larger font and the use of green covering the aircraft below the window line. The chase design and logo remained unaltered. In late 2015, EVA Air redesigned the delivery and fag end logo, using the colored fleeceable semblance on the abdomen, and cancelled the orange credit line on the edge of the buttocks to highlight the corporate identity. Since 2003, EVA Air has adopted its current uniform, featuring dark green dresses with snip jackets. chief pursers are distinguished by orange highlights, gold bands, and orange stripes ; escape attendants feature of speech green shave and white stripes. The current consistent replaced the former green-and-orange necktie ensembles used in EVA Air ‘s first twelve years. [ 50 ]

market slogans [edit ]

EVA Air has used different slogans throughout its functional history. The beginning motto appeared on English speech ad in the United States, [ 51 ] while the 1996 and 2003 versions were introduced internationally in both English and Mandarin. In 2005, a second “ Sharing the world ” motto was introduced to complement the arrival of the airline ‘s Boeing 777s. [ 52 ] EVA Air slogans have been as follows :

  • Flying into the Future (2016–present)

Divisions [edit ]

EVA Air Cargo [edit ]

Founded concurrently with the passenger operations of EVA Air, EVA Air Cargo operates facilities in Europe, Asia, and North America. Its cargo operations have diversified to include department of transportation of high-tech equipment and special care items such as museum artwork [ 53 ] and be zoological specimens. [ 54 ] EVA Air has stated its goal of achieving a 50/50 burst in revenues between its passenger and cargo operations. [ 5 ] The airline ‘s cargo operations are chiefly operate on via a fleet of Boeing 747-400, [ 55 ] MD-11 dedicated freighters, Boeing 747-400 Combi aircraft, and extra belly cargo space on passenger aircraft. [ 5 ] Following the establishment of its A330 fleet and the introduction of Boeing 777 long-haul aircraft, the airline converted some of its older Boeing 747-400 passenger aircraft to freighters to meet cargo market demands. [ 56 ] EVA Air Cargo established its european Cargo Center in Brussels in 2003 [ 57 ] and opened its southerly China Cargo Center in Hong Kong in 2006. [ 58 ] As of 2007, EVA Air Cargo had 43 hebdomadally cargo flights to London, Vienna, Brussels and US destinations including Los Angeles, Dallas / Fort Worth, Chicago, Atlanta and New York. The mailman besides has code-shares with external airlines including Air Nippon ( a auxiliary of All Nippon Airways ), british Airways World Cargo, Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa Cargo. [ 59 ] In holocene years, the airline has focused its north american cargo operations entirely on point-to-point routes. By 2004, EVA Air Cargo ranked among the global ‘s top 10 largest air freight companies. [ 60 ] Industry publication Air Cargo World ranked EVA Air Cargo 6th out of 50 in its 2008 Air Cargo Excellence Survey, a meter of cargo service customer service and operation. [ 61 ] In 2008, EVA Air handled the conveyance of two chinese pandas, donated as a endow to the Taipei Zoo. [ 62 ]

maintenance and support [edit ]

EVA Air serve divisions further include fly and cabin attendant discipline facilities, along with its Evergreen Sky Catering and Evergreen Airline Services ground support divisions. EVA Air has partnered with General Electric since 1998 to operate the Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corporation ( EGAT ), a heavy maintenance and aircraft pass serve. [ 63 ] Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corporation provides safety, animate, and refit services for EVA Air, other airlines ‘ aircraft, and has handled the modification of four Boeing 747 Large Cargo Freighter aircraft for Boeing ‘s 787 Dreamliner production program. [ 63 ]

fiscal composition [edit ]

EVA Air ‘s fiscal results are shown below : [ 64 ]

Destinations [edit ]

Row of eight aircraft tails in identical livery, lined at airport terminal, surrounded by cargo and equipment. EVA Air ‘s aircraft at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in 2009. Most EVA Air flights originate out of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, its chief hub near Taipei, Taiwan. [ 9 ] At Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, EVA Air ‘s flight operations are concentrated in Terminal 2. additionally, EVA Air and its domestic auxiliary UNI Air operate numerous flights out of Kaohsiung International Airport. [ 5 ] A focus city for EVA Air outside of Taiwan is Bangkok, ( its main hub being Suvarnabhumi Airport ), with prevailing westerly connections to all its european destinations except for Paris, which is fly non-stop. Through the mid-2000s, EVA Air ‘s route network was affected by the political status of Taiwan, which has historically limited access for Taiwanese airlines to Europe and sealed asian countries. Because taiwanese carriers did not have send access to China, EVA Air has used Hong Kong, Bangkok and Macau as interline destinations. [ 56 ] EVA Air operated regular charter flights to China in 2008. The airline began regularly scheduled, direct cross-strait operations in December 2008, following the restoration of mastermind travel links. [ 73 ]

A Houston ( George Bush Intercontinental Airport ) road was opened in June 2015, and service to Chicago ( O’Hare International Airport ) began on 2 November 2016, using a 777-300ER, as region of a plan addition in north american english flights from 58 flights to 77 flights a week. EVA Air launched a newfangled year-round overhaul to Istanbul on 5 March 2016, operating 777-300ER aircraft. This path was first downgraded to a seasonal worker frequency and then cancelled raw by September 2016. [ 74 ] EVA Air besides launched day by day avail to Cebu, Philippines on 27 March 2016 using A321-200 aircraft. Furthermore, EVA Air expanded its Southeast Asian services by offering daily flights to Chiang Mai on 1 July 2018 .

Codeshare agreements [edit ]

EVA Air has codeshare agreements with the following airlines : [ 75 ]

fleet [edit ]

stream fleet [edit ]

As of May 2022, EVA Air operates the follow aircraft : [ 79 ] [ 80 ] [ 81 ]

Former flit [edit ]

special liveries [edit ]

In October 2005, EVA Air launched a campaign with japanese company Sanrio to create the “ Hello Kitty Jet, ” featuring the popular japanese character. [ 91 ] Using the airline ‘s A330-200, the exterior adopted a delivery of Hello Kitty characters. A year late, the airline launched a moment Hello Kitty Jet. The aircraft featured a Hello Kitty motif on outside and interior furnishings and features. [ 92 ] Both aircraft were used to serve japanese destinations, [ 93 ] and from mid–July 2007, besides Taipei-Hong Kong routes. The original Hello Kitty delivery was retired in 2009, but in 2011 EVA Air announced its return in redesign shape to mark the aircraft carrier ‘s twentieth anniversary and reincarnate interest in japanese tourism. [ 94 ] For this occasion, EVA Air had ordered brand-new Airbus A330-300s to be painted in an all-new Hello Kitty livery, which the foremost three were the Hello Kitty with Magic Stars, Hello Kitty Loves Apples, and Hello Kitty Around the World. After the introduction of the “ freshen ” Hello Kitty Livery on three EVA Air A330s, EVA Air decided to introduce two extra Hello Kitty A330 jets, launched in May and June 2012. The one-fourth and fifth Hello Kitty jets are known as Hello Kitty Speed Puff and Hello Kitty Happy Music respectively. In 2013, the carrier rolled out its sixth Hello Kitty k Hand in Hand, this time on a Boeing 777-300ER, until it was repainted into the new EVA Air bilious in May 2021. The aircraft featured all the main characters from the Sanrio family. In 2015, the one-seventh and concluding Hello Kitty k, Kikilala-themed Shining Star Boeing 777-300ER, rolled out. [ 35 ] In 2017, the first gear 3 of the Hello Kitty jets, Hello Kitty with Magic Stars, Hello Kitty Loves Apples, and Hello Kitty Around the World were re-themed into Bad Badtz-Maru Travel Fun, Joyful Dream, and Celebration Flight respectively. At the lapp time, the Gudetama Comfort Flight were added onto the A321, and the Hello Kitty Speed Puff and Hello Kitty Happy Music were phased out .
Side view of twin-jet aircraft on runway in front of airport buildings. Rainbow special livery, painted from 2006 to 2013. An EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER in thespecial bilious, painted from 2006 to 2013. In July 2006, EVA Air ‘s third base fresh Boeing 777-300ER was Boeing ‘s center field stage at the 2006 Farnborough Airshow in a electrostatic display. [ 95 ] The aircraft, with its particular 777-300ER “ Rainbow ” livery, was leased by Boeing for a workweek to be presented at the show. The first three EVA Air Boeing 777 aircraft featured this delivery, which were repainted in 2013 ( B-16701 in Star Alliance delivery, B-16702 in regular delivery, B-16703 in Hello Kitty “ Hand in Hand ” bilious, which has been repainted to the standard delivery in 2021 ). For the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition, EVA Air debuted a floral-inspired design for its A330-200 aircraft, highlighting the carrier ‘s official sponsorship of the event ; [ 96 ] [ 97 ] the “ Flora Expo cabin concept ” introduced interior products such as in-flight meals with a flower motif. [ 96 ]

fleet plans [edit ]

The majority of EVA Air ‘s long-haul evanesce is based on the Boeing 777-300ER, with the carrier ‘s initial order for 15 all delivered by 2011. In 2006, the airline decided against proceeding with an order for two Boeing 777-200LR ( stating that with the 777-300ERs would give it sufficient passenger capacity ), and they were converted into orders for two 777-200F cargo aircraft. [ 98 ] In late 2010, EVA Air indicated it planned to lease three A330-300 aircraft for asian routes in 2011. [ 99 ] In mid-2011, EVA Air announced plans to acquire farther 777-300ERs to complete the replacement of its 747-400 aircraft on Europe and US routes, along with A321 series narrowbody aircraft jets to replace its MD-90 fleet. [ 100 ] On 8 May 2012, EVA Air signed orders with Boeing for three extra 777-300ERs, and besides announced a lease of four more 777-300ERs. [ 101 ] Due to falling freight demand, the airline restructured its cargo fleet by retiring its McDonnell Douglas MD-11s. The last 747-400M flight was conducted on 5 January 2015, ending its 22-year serve. [ citation needed ] At the Paris Airshow in 2015, EVA Air announced its purpose to purchase five Boeing 777F cargo aircraft [ 102 ] and four Airbus A330-300s. [ 103 ] EVA Air confirmed the holy order of up to 24 Boeing 787-10s and two extra Boeing 777-300ERs. It besides announced the extra lease of 787 aircraft. [ 104 ] [ 105 ] EVA announced in late 2015 that it would be retiring all of its leased A330-200 aircraft by the end of 2016, replacing them with the newly ordered A330-300s. Following the changes of air out dealings demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the airline switched 7 787-10s with 4 787-9s and 3 777Fs. In March 2022, the airline plans to convert 3 of their older 777-300ER passenger jets into freighters ; considering the replacement of the older 777-300ER fleet by the 787-10 and/or the 777-9 .

747 retirements [edit ]

As the 777s continued to phase in, the 747s were increasingly retired. On 5 January 2015, EVA Air retired its first 747 random variable, the 747-400M Combi. In 2016, EVA announced that the last 747-400 passenger service would be mid-may 2017. The airline besides plans to retire the 747 freighters when the 777 freighters are delivered. EVA retired the Boeing 747-400 passenger aircraft from its flit on 21 August 2017. [ 106 ] The follow year, the production 747 freighters were retired, leaving the convert 747 freighters in avail until 2019 .

Services [edit ]

Hello Kitty Flights EVA Air ran Hello Kitty flights from 2005 through 2008, and brought them back in 2011. They have been running Hello Kitty flights always since, and current Hello Kitty routes have some of the highest load factors in their system ( around 85 % ) .
At Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, EVA Air has introduced the EVA Air Check-in Kiosks at T2, counters 6A, allowing passengers to check in and print their board passes electronically, since December 2009. [ 107 ] The kiosks are presently available at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and Taipei Songshan Airport. Over time, EVA will install these counters in airports in China and other international EVA Air destinations. Outside of Taiwan, it is alone presently available in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Osaka. [ 107 ] previously, if passengers were to check in for an EVA Air trajectory, they would have to go to an airline example at the counters. There is a self serve baggage drop available at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport at T2 at counters 16–17 .

Onboard [edit ]

Airline business cabin. Rows of seats arranged between aisles. The Royal Laurel Class cabin on dining table one of EVA Air ‘s Boeing 777-300ERs, arranged in a reverse herringbone layout. EVA Air offers three classes of service on its long-haul flights : “ Royal Laurel ” / ” Premium Laurel ” ( occupation ), Premium Economy Class, and Economy Class. [ 18 ] All cabins feature satellite phones, audio video on demand ( AVOD ) entertainment, [ 108 ] SMS serve, [ 109 ] and in a number of Boeing 777 cabins, mood ignite ( B-16718-B-16738 ). [ 108 ] Domestic and short-haul international services flown besides feature a short-haul business class. In the latter half of 2007, EVA Air ‘s Boeing 747-400 fleet was upgraded to feature the airline ‘s latest seat classes ; the addition of Premium Laurel class on the Boeing 747-400 succeeded the former “ Super First ” and “ Super Business ” cabins. [ 110 ] [ 111 ] In early 2012, EVA Air officials unveiled a redesign “ Royal Laurel ” business class, including 180-degree, in full two-dimensional seats in reverse herringbone layout, which was first introduced on Boeing 777-300ER services in June 2012 between Taipei and New York. [ 34 ]

Cabin classes [edit ]

Airline business class cabin. Seats arranged in twos, with forward display screens. EVA Air ‘s previous Royal Laurel Class seat on a Boeing 777-300ER . The Economy Class cabin on an EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER. EVA Air presently has five classes, which are listed below. In May 2012, EVA Air announced the presentation of a newfangled occupation class product on choose, redesigned Boeing 777-300ER aircraft : Royal Laurel Class. The cabin features 38 lie-flat bed/seats in a invert herringbone configuration pitched at 2,000 and 650 millimeter ( 79 and 26 in ) wide. laptop power and multi-port connectors ( USB/iPod ) are available at each seat. [ 112 ] The Royal Laurel class seating musical arrangement is in a 1–2–1 abreast arrangement. [ 113 ] The airline is offering this cabin on all flights operated by the Boeing 777. On 20 September 2018, EVA Air debuted the Boeing 787 Royal Laurel Class. The seat was designed by Designworks, a BMW Group company. The newly Royal Laurel Class seats are 584 mm ( 23 in ) wide and recumb into flat-bed positions that have a pitch of 1,930 millimeter ( 76 in ) farseeing. There are 26 Royal Laurel Class seats on the Boeing 787-9. The Royal Laurel Class cabin on the Boeing 787-10 features 40 seats. Premium Laurel Class, EVA Air ‘s existing business class cabin, was introduced in 2003 with the A330-200, and expanded to more destinations with the Boeing 777-300ER in 2005 and refitted Boeing 747-400 ( replacing “ Super First ” ) in 2007. Seats are pitched at 1,549 millimeter ( 61.0 in ) in Premium Laurel in a pod-style layout, and can convert to an angled lie-flat bed. [ 109 ] Laptop power is available. Premium Laurel class seat is in a 2–2–2 abreast arrangement on the A330. [ 114 ] In 2016, Premium Laurel was upgraded to the fresh B/E Aerospace seats in a 2-2-2 configuration. business classify, EVA Air ‘s short draw business class cabin on the A321, consists of eight seats. These seats feature a 10.6-inch in-flight entertainment system and 110 V power outlets. Seat pitch is 45 inches. premium Economy Class is offered in a dedicate cabin on the Boeing 777. premium Economy Class has wider seat and legroom ( in a 2-4-2 layout ), and a seat similar to short-haul business class with a footstool, 970 to 1,020 millimeter ( 38 to 40 in ) lurch, adjustable winged headrests, and laptop might. [ 109 ] Service levels in Premium Economy Class are similar to Economy Class, but food and amenities are improved, along with the seat. premium Economy passengers further receive an agreeableness kit on most flights. [ 115 ] There are two or four lavatories ( dependent on aircraft shape ) that are dedicated to Premium Economy Class passengers. Economy Class is available on all EVA Air aircraft, featuring 840 millimeter ( 33 in ) pitch, touch screen personal entertainment screens, sliding seat cushions, and adjustable winged headrests. [ 18 ] Each seat is besides equipped with a personal handset satellite telephone which can be used with a recognition calling card. Economy seat is in 3–3–3 placement on the Boeing 777 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner, [ 116 ] 3–4–3 on certain Boeing 777 aircraft, 3–3 on the A321, [ 117 ] and 2–4–2 on all A330s. [ 114 ] In Economy Class of the A321 there is no personal entertainment, with only overhead screens. A new Economy and Premium Economy cabin is available on 777-300ER aircraft. Those new seats have improved entertainment systems and USB and 110 V AC ports in each seat. It includes a seat-back screen that is 11.1 inches, compared to the former 9 inches. [ 118 ] In 2018, EVA Air renamed Elite Class to Premium Economy Class. [ 119 ]

In-flight entertainment [edit ]

EVA Air ‘s audio video on necessitate ( AVOD ) entertainment system, Star Gallery, is available in all classes, except Airbus A321 Economy class. This system has 40 movies and short features, synergistic games, and over 100 music albums. [ 120 ] Programs are chiefly in Mandarin and English, with some selections in japanese, german, and French. Star Gallery entertainment categories include such areas as Sky Hollywood ( films ), Sky Concert Hall ( music and playlist godhead ), Kids ‘ World ( entertainment geared toward younger travelers ), among others. The Panasonic Avionics 3000i system can display Mandarin, English, or japanese text. On certain aircraft, a Panasonic EX3 system is installed. Since 2005, customers can besides send SMS textbook messages and emails to the ground using their personal handsets and seatback screens. [ 110 ] Seatback television is not available in Economy Class on A321-200s. enVoyage is EVA ‘s inflight cartridge holder and features articles in English, Mandarin and japanese. [ 121 ] EVA Air ‘s duty-free patronize booklet, named EVA Air Sky Shop, is included at each seat in either newspaper or television shape, with sales occurring in-flight, typically after meal services. EVA Air besides stocks a supply of newspapers and magazine publications on external flights, [ 109 ] survival depending on route .

Catering [edit ]

EVA Air offers a variety of meals on intercontinental routes, depending on seat course, destination, and flight distance. western and Eastern menu selections are typically offered, [ 122 ] including seasonal menu selections varied by finish. extra meal offerings can be requested in each class during engagement, including children ‘s, religious, vegetarian, and other meals. In Royal Laurel Class and Premium Laurel Class, passengers can pre-order epicure entreés, depending on address, [ 109 ] including specialties produced by Din Tai Fung, an award-winning taiwanese restaurant. Royal Laurel cabins on the Boeing 777 besides feature an in-flight refreshment bar, and european wine selections are served. [ 123 ]

EVA AIR lounges [edit ]

EVA AIR operates airline lounges under the brand name EVA AIR lounge ( once branded Evergreen Lounge ) in major address airports. Passengers eligible to enter these facilities include Royal Laurel, Premium Laurel and occupation class passengers, Infinity MileageLands Diamond, Gold, and Silver Card holders, Star Alliance Gold members, and eligible passengers travelling with airlines that have contracted with EVA Air on the sofa facilities. [ 124 ] EVA Air ‘s four flagship lounges, located at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, are :

  • The Garden (Exclusively to Infinity MileageLands Diamond and American Express Centurion/EVA Air Co-brand Platinum/Citibank EVA Air Co-brand World Cardholders travelling in Royal Laurel/Premium Laurel/Business Class)
  • The Infinity (Accessible by all eligible passengers above and: Royal Laurel/Premium Laurel/Business Class passengers, Star Alliance First/Business Class Passengers and American Express Centurion/EVA Air Co-brand Platinum/Citibank EVA Air Co-brand World Cardholders travelling in Premium Economy/Economy Class)
  • The Star (Accessible by all eligible passengers above and: Infinity MileageLands Gold, Star Alliance Gold members, Business customers, Business class/elite passengers travelling with airlines contracted with EGAT on lounge facilities)
  • The club by EVA Air (Accessible by all eligible passengers above and: Infinity MileageLands Silver, Citibank Diamond Cardholders, Diners Club cardholders and Citibank EVA Air Cobrand Titanium/Platinum Cardholders).[124]

Lounge interior. An open seating area with a glowing column. The Infinity lounge at Taoyuan International Airport. EVA Air’slounge at Taoyuan International Airport. EVA Air besides operates its EVA AIR lounges at Bangkok and Kaohsiung. It previously operated an outstation loiter at San Francisco. EVA Air sofa services typically include refreshments, business facilities, and television and read entertainment .

Infinity MileageLands [edit ]

EVA Air ‘s patronize flier program, Infinity MileageLands, awards members points based on miles traveled and classify of service. Infinity MileageLands points are redeemable for upgrades and loose tickets, and can besides be accumulated through recognition card use, rental car agencies, Evergreen Laurel Hotels, and early participating services. Membership benefits include a dedicate mental reservation trace, dedicated customer service hotlines, dedicated check-in services, vacation gifts ( Diamond Card Holders ), Evergreen Lounge entree, extra baggage allowance with precedence handling, and discounts on cable car rentals and hotels. [ 125 ] membership into the program is free. The broadcast is divided into four tiers : Green, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. [ 125 ] Infinity MileageLands privileges are additive by membership grade, with higher tiers including all benefits listed for prior tiers. The program accepts miles fly on spouse airlines and Star Alliance partners such as All Nippon Airways, Air Canada, and United Airlines, provided that the flights are booked and logged according to EVA Air frequent circular rules. [ 125 ] Co-branded Cathay United Bank, American Express, Citibank, and Diners Club cards can besides earn miles. [ 125 ] Qualification levels and general benefits are listed on the EVA Air web site. [ 125 ]

Shuttle services [edit ]

EVA Air operates the pursuit shuttle services in the United States and Europe, free for customers :

Accidents and incidents [edit ]

To date, EVA Air has not had any aircraft losses or passenger fatalities in its operational history. [ 129 ] As of 21 January 2021, EVA Air is ranked number 6 in safety after Qantas and five other airlines by cntraveler.com. [ 130 ] According to the JACDEC Airline Safety Ranking 2018, EVA Air was ranked 15th out of 100 major airlines. [ 131 ] On 2 April 2019, EVA Air was voted 3rd best airline in the earth according to Trip Advisor ‘s Travelers Choice rankings, preceded lone by Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways .

  • On 17 July 2014, EVA Air Flight 088 (BR088), en route from Paris to Taipei, was in the same area when Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine.[132]
  • On 16 December 2016, EVA Air Flight 015 (operated by a Boeing 777-300ER registered as B-16726) from Los Angeles International Airport to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport narrowly missed hitting Mount Wilson and Air Canada Flight 788. The Los Angeles air traffic controller mistakenly told the pilot to turn left instead of right to head over the ocean. The aircraft instead headed north and was maintaining 5000 feet as it headed towards 5700 foot high Mt. Wilson. The EVA aircraft was forced to climb to 6000 feet. Air Canada Flight 788, also departing Los Angeles, was taking the same route as the EVA aircraft and was forced to climb to 10,000 feet in evasive action.[133]
  • On 2 December 2017, EVA Air Flight 035 from Toronto Pearson International Airport to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport struck a pole while taxiing in darkness. The aircraft (a Boeing 777-300ER registered as B-16718) suffered significant damage on its right leading edge and wing surface. The aircraft had not been taxiing on the centerline after deicing and therefore, lacked wing clearance with the light pole.[134]

Controversies and british labour party disputes [edit ]

  • On 19 January 2019, on EVA Air’s flight from Los Angeles to Taoyuan, Taipei, a disorderly overweight American passenger asked female flight attendants for assistance in the lavatory. Claiming that he recently had surgery and was physically unable to wipe his buttocks, he demanded that the flight attendants clean his backside. After berating them when they refused, the flight attendants reluctantly complied. It was later revealed that the passenger was a frequent EVA Air customer with a history of making similar questionable requests to the airline’s flight attendants. The airline moved to cancel the passenger’s return flight but learned that he died in Thailand.[135][136]
  • On 29 January 2019, an female EVA Air flight attendant issued a public complaint after EVA Air falsely accused her of taking part in pornography.[137]
  • On 20 June 2019, Taiwan Flight Attendants Union (TFAU) started an air strike.[138] EVA Air and Taiwan Flight Attendants reached an agreement on 7 July 2019, stating that the strike would end on 10 July 2019.[139] About 1440 flights were cancelled and more than 280,000 passengers were affected from the air strike. The strike became the longest strike in Taiwan’s history.[140] The airline estimated a prospective loss of about US$97 million as a result of the strike.[141]

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