Patek Philippe shows off their sporty english with the Nautilus. Those who measure custom gravitate toward the models in stainless steel steel—the material used for the very first gear Nautilus as designed by Gérald Genta. It debuted in 1976 under the reference number 3700/1 and drew contiguous attention with its port invention. today, these vintage models cost a solid 110,000 USD. You should expect to invest slightly more for the referee. 5711/1 introduced in 2006. Back in August 2020, this timepiece hush “ merely ” cost approximately 75,000 USD. however, in early on 2021, Patek Philippe announced that they would soon be discontinuing this model. Prices for the reference immediately skyrocketed and surpassed 110,000 USD in February 2021. This is even more impressive considering its list price was 30,620 USD .
At Watches and Wonders 2021, Patek Philippe announced a “ farewell ” edition under the reference number 5711/1A-014. This watch ‘s most unique sport is its olive park sunburst dial with a horizontal relief pattern – an entirely new design in the Nautilus collection. While its list price is 34,893 USD, its commercialize respect is expected to rise due to high demand. Patek besides released a stainless steel “ green ” Nautilus with a ball field bezel that same year. This model bears the reference book number 5711/1300A and formally costs 94,624 USD .
In summation to numerous three-hand stainless steel sword editions, Patek Philippe besides offers the Nautilus in aureate with complications like annual calendars, moon phase indicators, chronograph, and second time zones. Depending on the complication, expect to pay between 75,500 and 123,000 USD for one of these timepieces. The most expensive chambered nautilus is the white gold referee. 5719/10G-010. This determine boasts some 1,700 diamonds and sells for around 467,000 USD new .
Women ‘s Nautilus watches are smaller than their counterparts for men. Patek produces a 32-mm quartz-powered model, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as a 35.2-mm automatic pistol edition. In terms of corporeal, you can choose from stainless sword or rose amber, and some versions besides come with a baseball diamond bezel. Prices vary by model and range from 42,000 to 71,000 USD.

Aquanaut: Modern With Softer Lines

Patek released the Aquanaut in 1997. While clearly inspired by the Nautilus, this timepiece is no remake. Its design is more modern and less angular. The manufacturer crafts the alleged “ tropical ” strap out of a special composite material resistant to water, grinding, and UV radiation. Prices for the three-hand interpretation in stainless sword come in at around 52,000 USD .
Those in white or rose aureate are more expensive at between 69,500 and 78,500 USD. The stainless steel Aquanaut Travel Time occupies a similar monetary value range and features a second time zone. If you prefer the Travel Time in gold, be prepared to spend roughly 94,000 USD. For an extra 18,000 USD, you can purchase a model that besides has a chronograph serve .
Patek offers women ‘s Aquanaut watches in two sizes : 35.6 and 38.8 millimeter. Options include everything from simple stainless steel steel models to diamond-encrusted gold timepieces. The monetary value compass for these watches is similarly huge. A stainless steel women ‘s Aquanaut with a quartz glass bowel movement changes hands for arsenic little as 12,000 USD on Chrono24. The lapp watch with a diamond bezel costs about 43,500 USD. Those on the grocery store for a gold watch with diamonds can expect to pay between 110,000 and 195,000 USD .