The latest additions to the party are their newfangled series of Metaloid reels, with a six-pack of right-hand versions introduced late last year, and a couple of left-hand models that made their debut at the late ICAST harness usher .
Okuma took a step up the evolutionary ladder about five years back when their Makaira and Andros lever drag engineering hit the market, turning a fortune of heads and making them unplayful contenders in the high-end, unaccented harness seawater fishing bobbin market. In the begin of 2015, key features of these advanced platforms took shape in the all-new Metaloid family of seawater reels, making available the ability, performance and latest technology to everyday anglers at an low-cost price .
The Metaloid family includes three size, an M-5SN ( specialize ), M-5S and M-12S, with each available in either individual speed or 2-speed models. These six reels cover the roll from erect jig to live bait, casting to lightly trolling and chunking for a variety show of species including moderate size mako, threshers, dorado, tuna, sailfish and ashen marlin. I spoke with Okuma ’ s Marketing Manager Brandon Cotton about these new reels and he responded that the Metaloid series was region of Okuma ’ second larger strategy to launch newly technologies and forward-thinking designs in their ongoing mission to advance the angler experience. Fisherman readers can relate to that, and from my initial impressions, these new Metaloid lever haul reels are wholly consistent with this game design. These are some good looking and extremely functional fish reels.


For 2016, Okuma has successfully addressed a pet peeve for many of the left-handers in the coastal fishing community, with the presentation of a pair of “ southpaw limited ” Metaloid 2-speed models. As a rent boat captain that specializes in light-tackle, big-game fishing experiences, I have seen the frustration on the faces of some of my morganatic anglers when they are trying to crank down difficult on a bombastic shark, tuna or billfish with their “ faint ” hand. The modern syndicate of morganatic Metaloids includes the M-5IILX and the M-12IILX models. The # 5-size holds 400 yards plus of 50-pound superbraid line, with a whack 24 pounds of drag at entire, while still getting total free-spool. The model 12 carries a like load of 80-pound braid ( or 600+ yards of 50-pound superbraid, if you need more line capacity ), and ups the stopping baron with 34 pounds of entire drag. The MSRP of the left-hander 2-speed model 5 is a fair $ 229.99, with the larger model 12 going for $ 299.99. Like I mentioned earlier, Okuma has done a great job producing high-quality gear down at low-lying prices .

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Lefty or righty, Okuma ’ mho Metaloid lever drag reels offer some unique coarse core features that are shared across the kin tree. Metaloid ’ s potent foundation begins with a one-piece 6061-T6 machined aluminum skeletal system with integral leftover side plate for utmost intensity and inflexibility. Like big brother Andros, Metaloid ’ s Type-II anodized aluminum spool maximizes lineage capacity within its compact frame. And like both Andros and Makaira, Metaloid is driven by 17-4 grade stainless steel coiling cut gears for absolute strength and confidence when pulling in the big ones under maximum burden. Four stainless steel bearings keep maintenance simplified while Okuma ’ s Corrosion Resistant Coating work delivers a penetrate seal coating of Corrosion-X HD to all inner parts. The drag system is made from Carbonite washers, which are factory-treated with Cal ’ s puff grease. The utmost haul outputs mirror those of the higher-end Andros reels, with max drag ratings of 24 to 34 pounds. The silent recover system contributes to cranking eloquence, and the on/off bait clicker is a handy feature of speech for tuna chunkers, sharkers and trollers. One very clean feature that I liked about the Metaloid reels is that the side plate features built-in detents in the lever haul guide ensnare, so when you shift the lever rear and forth, it “ ratchets ” into these detents and stays where you put it .
When it ’ s time to bend the rod on a big, refractory oceanic, Metaloid ’ s long 3-inch plus ( 78mm ) treat sleeve and outsize ergo clasp compound to put massive amounts of torsion in the angler ’ mho hand. With every turn of the treat, the single rush Metaloids swallow up equally much as 48.4 inches of tune ( This depends on your reel ’ mho bobbin diameter and the total of line on the bobbin at that moment. ). Two-speed models gobble up arsenic a lot as 42.1 inches with each crank. The gear proportion of the Metaloid two-speeds is 6.4:1 and 3.8:1 for the model 5s and 4.7:1 and 2.1:1 for the exemplar 12s. If you are a single amphetamine fan, get quick to drive in the fast lane – the gear proportion on both the 5 and 12 is a lightning fast 6.4:1 .
All Metaloid lever scuff reels are backed by a 3-year guarantee. The MSRP of the single-speed right-handed Metaloid is $ 189.99 for the M-5NS and M5S, $ 259.99 for the M-12S. MSRP of the two-speed Metaloids is $ 219.99 for the M-5NII and M-5II, $ 299.99 for the M-12II. For more information on the integral syndicate of Okuma reels, visit the web site .

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