Do you frequently use expression masks ? personally, I use facial sheet masks at least twice a week as they are one of my favorite skin care products. Applying a commodity face dissemble can make the skin easy, superintendent hydrated, and feel so loosen before sleep .
recently, I ’ ve tried some hot-selling confront masks from Rainbow Beauty Cosmetics, 3W Clinic, and Maycreate. They are identical budget-friendly but I was not quite satisfied with their quality. then I came across Banobagi Vita Genic Jelly Mask as a recommendation from many people. It is no less democratic than those hot-selling font masks but it ’ s been praised a lot for both quality and monetary value .

Features: What’s in me

Before buying Banobagi Vita Genic Jelly Mask, I had no theme about this Banobagi brand. I googled the name and found that Banobagi is actually a plastic operating room clinic located in Gangnam, Seoul. And they are quite well known in Vietnam after the Change Life world show on VTV .

I bought Banobagi Vita Genic Jelly Mask on Lazada with the monetary value of 169,000VND for 10 sheets. It came in a courteous box fair like a show. I got the crimson box which was the tauten type but there were actually 4 types at heart. Each type has a unlike purpose :

  • crimson – Vitamin A ( Lifting )
  • Blue – Vitamin E ( Hydrating )
  • yellow – Vitamin C ( Whitening )
  • green – Vitamin B ( Relaxing )

The highlight of Banobagi Vita Genic Jelly Mask is “ Liposome vitamin ”. Thanks to Mr. Google, I found that liposomes are widely used in nowadays ’ south peel care as they help the skin to absorb ingredients more effectively and they besides help reduce the price of ingredients .
Volume: 30ml

Get to know me better

I tried all 4 types of Banobagi Vita Genic Jelly Mask in two weeks, 2 random types per week. Each type comes with a different fruit spirit. The bouquet is soft and relax, it ’ s not excessively strong like the bouquet of some hot-selling face masks I ’ ve used earlier .
The masquerade sheets are made from 100 % cotton, they are super reduce and translucent, but very sturdy and resilient. The masquerade fits my confront and doesn ’ t dislocate around. It is soaked broad of the perfume in the package. Thanks to the jelly texture and the 100 % cotton tabloid, it can prevent the serum from evaporating besides promptly and help the bark to absorb the ingredients better .
If you love to have a more novel and cooling feel when using the masquerade, specially in summer, equitable leave the masks in the electric refrigerator a few hours before use. I normally apply my boldness masquerade at night 1 to 2 hours before bedtime and leave the mask on my face for 25-30 minutes, more than the teaching advised. When I took the mask out, the disguise was still dripping wet and there was inactive a lot of effect left in the packet, so I applied some leftover onto my neck and arms and massaged my skin gently so the perfume could absorb into my peel better. My bark was then balmy, placid and ace hydrated afterwards. I often wash it off a small bite after use because I ’ m a bit uncomfortable with the brassy feeling and lots of serum on my boldness .
The following dawn, my bark felt very piano, legato, hydrated, and the T-zone is less greasy adenine well. The effect seems to absorb into my bark pretty well. however, I do not see any tauten or whitening effects. possibly I need to use Banobagi Vita Genic Jelly Mask more regularly, rather than only in 2 weeks ?

Pros & Cons: My best and worst

Pros :

Cons :

  • Doesn ’ thymine have early effects like whitening, lifting as it claims

Rating: Judge me

Appearance: 5/5
dainty packaging from the box to the masks, particularly the impressive encapsulate pill visualize in front .
Price: 5/5
fair price, can be used for a long time without hurting the wallet .
Effectiveness: 4/5
excellent moisturizing impression, it keeps your skin moisturized and hydrated at least 1 day after use. however, no tauten or whitening effects can be seen within 2 weeks .
Recommendation: 5/5
I ’ ve tried some similarly priced masks but they seem not to be a thoroughly as Banobagi Vita Genic Jelly Mask . I will decidedly repurchase it. If you have dry skin, this is one of the best face masks you should try for hydration and humidify .

Finale: Why me?


Banobagi Vita Genic Jelly Mask is one of the good face masks at the beneficial price that I ’ ve ever tried. The tauten and whitening effects can possibly be seen after using for a long time but at least it does help hydrate your skin, remove surfeit oils and besides give you the spirit of relaxation after a busy workday. thus, how could you say No to Banobagi Vita Genic Jelly Mask ? 🙂

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