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Talang white croaker Talang white croaker

Scomberoides commersonnianus, the Talang queenfish, besides known as giant dart, giant leatherskin, giant queenfish, largemouth queenfish, leatherjacket, leatherskin, and Talang leatherskin, is a species of ray-finned fish in the family Carangidae from the western Indo-Pacific. It is a big species which is crucial in commercial and amateur fisheries .

description [edit ]

Scomberoides commersonnianus has a single rowing of 5-6 big dark silvern spots or blotches running along the flanks over the lateral pass wrinkle. It does not have a dark tiptoe on the dorsal fin lobe. [ 4 ] The snout is rather numb and the large mouth has several rows of very sharp tooth. The anal tail fin and the dorsal fin are truncated with the posterior part of each tail fin reduced to spines. [ 5 ] The caudal louver is strongly forked. The head and back is blue grey while the ventral slope of the consistency is argent. [ 6 ] It grows to a maximum sum Length of 120 centimetres ( 47 in ) but is more normally 90 centimetres ( 35 in ) and the maximum published weight is 16 kilograms ( 35 pound ). [ 3 ]

distribution [edit ]

Scomberoides commersonnianus has a wide distribution in the indian Ocean and western Pacific Ocean occurring from South Africa and the Red Sea and Persian Gulf in the west, east through Indonesia and Papua New Guinea ampere army for the liberation of rwanda as New Caledonia, north to southern Japan and south to Western Australia and New South Wales. [ 1 ]

Habitat and biology [edit ]

The adults of Scomberoides commersonianus are found in coastal waters, and frequently occur in the vicinity of reefs and offshore islands. [ 3 ] They occasionally enter into estuarine waters. It is normally found in little schools. [ 1 ] The adults are predaceous, feeding on fishes, cephalopods, small invertebrates and other oceanic raven. [ 3 ] The juveniles use their grating teeth to feed on the scales and epidermis of other fishes. [ 1 ]

They grow quickly during earlier life, but slow down. They reach 25 centimeter in their first year, and 50 by their third year. [ citation needed ] The females attain intimate adulthood when they reach a crotch length of 63 centimetres ( 25 in ) at around 4–5 years honest-to-god. In Australia spawning occurs from August to March. [ 4 ] In the Persian Gulf spawning occurs between March and June. [ 1 ] The fecundity of females when ripe was estimated at 259,488–2,859,935 eggs in each spawn. [ 4 ]

relationship to humans [edit ]

The Talang white croaker is an authoritative commercial [ 7 ] and amateur species throughout much of its crop. [ 8 ] [ 9 ] The IGFA maintains full line and tippet class records for the Talang white croaker. The all undertake earth record stands at 17.89 kilogram ( 39 pound 7oz ) caught off of Umkomaas, South Africa in 2010. [ 10 ]

taxonomy [edit ]

Scomberoides commersonnianus was formally described by the french zoologist Bernard Germain de Lacépède with the type vicinity given as Fort Dauphin in the Toliara Province of Madagascar. [ 2 ] The specific name uses the Latin suffix ianus meaning “ belong to ” and adds this to the surname of the french naturalist Philibert Commerçon, this besides being spelled as Commerson, ( 1727-1773 ), whose notes and example were used by Lacépède as the base for his description of the species. [ 11 ]

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