Banthat Thong Road in the area of Saphan Lueang at click Banthat Thong Road ( Thai : ถนนบรรทัดทอง, pronounced [ tʰā.nǒn bān.tʰát tʰɔ̄ːŋ ] ) is a street in Bangkok. It runs 2.2 kilometres ( 1.4 myocardial infarction ) from its junction with Rama IV Road at Saphan Lueang Intersection, through Pathum Wan and Ratchathewi districts, north to Phet Phra Ram Intersection, where it meets Phetchaburi Road. It crosses Rama I Road at Charoen Phon Intersection, near the National Stadium, and the area is home to a large number of sporting goods shops. The southerly section of the road runs parallel to the canal Khlong Suan Luang, which besides gives its name to the neighborhood. The area ‘s nation is owned by Chulalongkorn University, whose Office of Property Management ( PMCU ) redeveloped most of the neighborhood in the 2010s .

history [edit ]

The original department of the road, running from Saphan Lueang to Charoen Phon, was built in the 1910s and formed the southernmost depart of Prathat Thong Road, which continued north towards Samsen Water Treatment Plant. [ 1 ] Prathat thong ( Thai : ประทัดทอง ) is the Thai name for the Quassia amara plant, and the road was named for the plant ‘s appearance as a form in Chinese porcelain, as was a common vogue at the time. [ 2 ] King Vajiravudh renamed the road as Rama VI Road in 1920. [ 3 ] In 1912, as preparations were being made for the establishment of the Civil Service College of King Chulalongkorn ( subsequently to become Chulalongkorn University ) in the sphere near the then-newly build up road, Chao Phraya Yommarat ( Pan Sukhum ), the Minister of the Capital, voiced opposition to the plan, noting that the location of Prathat Thong Road—secluded yet not far from residential areas—was ideal for prostitute dens, which at the time were legal and served as a tax income generator for the government. however, his opposition came excessively late for any action to be altered, and prostitution was late criminalized. [ 4 ]

erstwhile later, the road became split : the section north of Uruphong Intersection continues to be known as Rama VI, while the section south of Charoen Phon became known as Banthat Thong, a putrescence of its original name. [ 2 ] The road nowadays continues north from Charoen Phon Intersection, crossing Saen Saep Canal at Charoen Phon Bridge toward Phetchaburi Road. From Saphan Lueang to the bridge, the road forms the limit between Pathum Wan District ‘s Rong Mueang and Wang Mai subdistricts .

Neighbourhoods [edit ]

Saphan Lueang [edit ]

Saphan Lueang intersection at click ( taken from Banthat Thong side ) Saphan Lueang, besides written as Saphan Luang ( Thai : สะพานเหลือง, pronounced [ sā.pʰāːn lɯ̌a̯ŋ ] ), is a four-way intersection and a vicinity at the end of Banthat Thong Road. It is located within Rong Mueang sub-district, Pathum Wan zone. It shares a molding with Maha Phruttharam sub-district, Bang Rak district and Wang Mai sub-district in its zone, where Rama IV meets Banthat Thong Roads and the Sirat-Expressway. The following intersection on Rama IV Road is Sam Yan. The term Saphan Lueang means chicken bridge, and was named for a jaundiced bridge cross over a duct called “ Khlong Luang ” ( คลองหลวง ) that had been nearby. Later on the bridge was demolished and Rama VI Road was built over the canal, but the road ‘s identify stayed “ Saphan Lueang ”. [ 5 ]

Saphan Lueang is an area close to Hua Lamphong, Sam Yan and Si Phraya Road. It ‘s besides the web site of one of oldest protestant church churches in Bangkok, Sapanluang Church, and had many celebrated restaurants as well. [ 6 ] [ 7 ] Among the many restaurants in the area, two noodles shops received the Bib Gourmand from Michelin Guide in 2018. [ 8 ]

Suan Luang [edit ]

Named for the duct that runs analogue to the road to the west, the Suan Luang area lying between the road and the campus of Chulalongkorn University is owned by the university and rented out for gross. The northerly part of the area lies adjacent to the National Stadium building complex, and is home to many sporting goods shops. The southerly area, which lies adjacent to the Sam Yan vicinity, used to be home to a boastfully number of Chinese-run shophouses, many dealing chiefly in car parts ( similarly to the Sieng Kong area of Talat Noi ). [ 9 ] In the 2010s, PMCU redeveloped most of the neighborhood, creating the Chulalongkorn University Centenary Park a well as several shopping arcades. The renovation has transformed the vicinity into a gastronomic finish, with many new shops arsenic well as longstanding establishments lining the shopfronts of Banthat Thong. [ 10 ] [ 11 ] The vicinity, in concert with Sam Yan, was named the “ coolest vicinity ” in Bangkok by Time Out in 2020. [ 12 ]

Charoen Phon [edit ]

Charoen Phon is the name of the intersection where Banthat Thong crosses Rama I Road, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the nearby bridge where the road crosses Khlong Saen Saep into Ratchathewi District. The National Stadium complex lies merely east of the overlap on Rama I Road. In addition to the area ‘s many sporting goods shops, Stadium One, a boastfully seaworthiness complex and sports-oriented patronize promenade, opened in the intersection ‘s southeastern corner in 2018. [ 13 ] [ 14 ] The area is approachable by the National Stadium BTS station. From Charoen Phon Bridge, the historic Ban Khrua community extends along the banks of Saen Saep Canal. It is one of Bangkok ‘s oldest Muslim communities, beginning settled around the turn of the 18th–19th centuries during the reign of King Rama I. [ 15 ]

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