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Kamphaeng Phet ( Thai : กำแพงเพชร, pronounced [ kām.pʰɛ̄ːŋ pʰét ] ) is one of Thailand ‘s seventy-six provinces ( changwat ) that lies in lower northern Thailand. Neighbouring provinces are ( from north clockwise ) Sukhothai, Phitsanulok, Phichit, Nakhon Sawan, and Tak .

toponymy [edit ]

In Thai or Lao kamphaeng means ‘wall ‘ and phet ( from Sanskrit vájra ) means ‘ diamond ‘. The name means ‘wall a hard as diamond ‘. This wall served as a defensive tune to protect the Ayutthaya Kingdom from what is now contemporary Burma. The old name was Khao Kampeng, referring to a ‘mountain wall ‘ between the two countries.

geography [edit ]

The main river is the Ping, a major tributary of the Chao Phraya River. river flats make up much of the east of the province, while the west is mountainous and covered with forests. The total afforest area is 1,997 km2 ( 771 sq mi ) or 23.5 percentage of provincial area. [ 1 ] One of the provinces best-known products is banana, specially the kluai khai, a belittled, round, sweet banana. Banana festivals are held every year to thank the spirits for the harvest .

history [edit ]

Kamphaeng Phet was already a royal city in the Sukhothai Kingdom in the fourteenth century, then known under its old name Chakangrao. It formed an important part of the defense system of the kingdom, american samoa well as later of the Ayutthaya Kingdom .

Symbols [edit ]

The provincial cachet shows the city walls surmounted by diamonds, since the city name means ‘diamond wall ‘ ( from the determine of the ramparts of the old city wall ). The provincial tree is the areca crackpot palm ( Acacia catechu ), and the provincial flower the bullet train forest ( Mimusops elengi ). Golden belly barb ( Hypsibarbus wetmorei ) is provincial pisces, since it is a pisces found in the Ping river specially in the sphere of Kamphaeng Phet. [ 4 ]

administrative divisions [edit ]

Map of 11 districts

provincial government [edit ]

The state is divided into 11 districts ( amphoes ). These are far divided into 78 subdistricts ( tambons ) and 823 villages ( mubans ).

local government [edit ]

As of 26 November 2019 there are : [ 5 ] one Kamphaeng Phet Provincial Administration Organisation ( ongkan borihan suan changwat ) and 25 municipal ( thesaban ) areas in the state. Kamphaeng Phet, Pang Makha and Nong Pling have town ( thesaban mueang ) status. far 22 subdistrict municipalities ( thesaban tambon ). The non-municipal areas are administered by 64 Subdistrict Administrative Organisations – SAO ( ongkan borihan suan tambon ). [ 2 ]

Human accomplishment index 2017 [edit ]

Health Education Employment Income
Health icon Thai.png Round Landmark School Icon - Transparent.svg Employment icon.png Numismatics and Notaphily icon.png
54 67 70 12
Housing Family Transport Participation
586-house-with-garden.svg Parents, enfants, famille.png Groundtransport inv.svg Icon Sociopolítica y relaciones internacionales (wikiproyect, es.wp).png
36 60 51 15
Province Kamphaeng Phet, with an HAI 2017 value of 0.5643 is “somewhat low”, occupies place 60 in the ranking.

Since 2003, United Nations Development Programme ( UNDP ) in Thailand has tracked progress on human development at sub-national flush using the Human accomplishment index ( HAI ), a complex index covering all the eight key areas of human development. National Economic and Social Development Board ( NESDB ) has taken over this task since 2017. [ 3 ]

Rank Classification
  1 – 15 “high”
16 – 30 “somewhat high”
31 – 45 “average”
45 – 60 “somewhat low”
61 – 77 “low”
Map with provinces and HAI 2017 rankings
HAI 2017 rankings.png

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