A mattress topper on a boxspring mattress not to be confused with mattress defender ; the defender is not significantly padded, and a mattress topper may not protect the bed. A mattress pad, mattress topper, or underpad is designed to lie atop a mattress. Made from a variety of materials such as wool, cotton, memory foam, feather or latex, [ 1 ] its function is to provide an extra level of ease, particularly when the existing mattress is wear or uncomfortable. physically, it is a thin mattress, normally 5–10 centimetres ( 2–4 in ) blockheaded. [ 2 ] stand-alone mattresses of this size exist ( see futon, and Bed base # Floor beds ; traditional european beds were made of a batch of mattresses of this size ). But mattress toppers are normally sold for use on top of boxsprings ( secured with straps or elasticated fabric corners [ 3 ] ). They are used to extend the life of the more-expensive boxspring, make a seam strong [ 2 ] or cooler ( with airflow, [ 4 ] or heat-conductive materials ), [ 5 ] [ 6 ] make a fast bed softer, [ 4 ] and for travel and dorms, as they are portable, [ 2 ] [ 4 ] specially if they are low-density. [ 7 ]

Like a mattress defender /mattress pad/mattress covering ( a thin, generally unpadded layer not designed to improve comfort ), [ 5 ] [ 4 ] mattress toppers can be used to protect the mattress from the tie or vice-versa. [ 4 ] Some mattress toppers are machine-washable ; [ 6 ] covers and fillings are made from a range of materials. [ 5 ] [ 7 ]

common types of mattress toppers [edit ]

Pillow-top mattress toppers [edit ]

Pillow clear mattress toppers are filled with natural fibers such as cotton or down, or synthetic options such as microfiber. [ 8 ] The filling is normally segmented into pockets which help them stay in station. This is similar to quilts, though mattress toppers are normally 4 inches or thick. [ 9 ] The variant of mattress toppers are portray in most hotel beds and is creditworthy for their plush spirit. [ 10 ] Eggshell mattress toppers are a good way to extend the life of an older bed. [ 11 ] [ 12 ]

Memory-foam mattress toppers [edit ]

Visco-elastic foam toppers are made from visco-elastic polyurethane, besides known as “ memory foam ”. This is a type of corporeal that exhibitst both gluey and elastic characteristics when undergoing distortion. syrupy materials, like water, resist shear stream and strain linearly with time when a tension is applied. [ 13 ] The foam used in the construction of these memory foam toppers reacts to both pressure and temperature. This, combined with its greater density, are properties that give them their feature “ lightness ” sensation. Memory foam mattress toppers are touted to optimize corroborate and promote proper spinal anesthesia conjunction during sleep. [ 8 ] They are besides regularly used in checkup institutions because of their atmospheric pressure relieving properties .

Latex mattress toppers [edit ]

Latex is derived from rubber eraser tree sap [ 14 ] and feels springy ampere well as responsive. [ 8 ] There are 2 chief methods of manufacturing latex :

Dunlop Latex

[edit ]

Dunlop latex is heavier on one side than the other due to deposit during the bubbling process. As such, it is chiefly used for back layers of a bed. [ 14 ]

Tatalay Latex [edit ]

Tataly Latex is flash frozen, which results in a idle, fluffier foam. It lacks support and is used primarily as a quilt layer. [ 14 ]

Others [edit ]

An electric mattress pad is made of heavy fabric with heating filaments waver into it. In the UK and Commonwealth countries this is called an “ electric blanket “ .

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