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season Title [14][15] Directed by [a] Storyboarded by [a] Original air date [16][17] Mugen Train Arc[b] 27 1 “Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku”
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En Bashira Rengoku Kyōjurō

” (Japanese: 炎柱・煉󠄁獄杏寿郎) Shin’ya Shimomura Takashi Suhara October 10, 2021 ( )

Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku is tasked with finding an elusive demon plaguing a town. Believing the demon is connected to over forty disappearances on the Mugen train, he sets out to find and kill it. He meets a pair of bento vendors and advises them on the risk of demons, before he soon locates the train. After learning it is slated to be put back into service, he encounters the demon responsible for the attacks throughout the area. To spite him for his humanity, the demon decides to hunts down the bento vendors and flees. Kyojuro eventually tracks it down and kills it, saving the vendors; his actions remind the elderly vendor of when she herself was saved by the former Flame Hashira many years ago. After realizing the demon is too weak for such numerous victims, Kyojuro boards the Mugen Train to begin his investigation. 28 2 “Deep Sleep”
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Fukai Nemuri

” (Japanese: 深い眠り) Toshiyuki Shirai Takahiro Miura October 17, 2021 ( ) Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke meet Kyojuro on the Mugen Train. After an explanation of the situation by the Hashira, they discover two demons hidden on board and witness Kyojuro’s impressive abilities first hand. Later into the night, all four Demon Slayers fall asleep, with Tanjiro dreaming about being reunited with his lost family. They have fallen into the Blood Demon Art of Enmu, Lower One of the Kizuki. The demon had mixed his blood into the ink in their tickets, allowing his plan to go into motion without being noticed. As Tanjiro continues to fall deeper into his slumber, Enmu finds joy that they may never awaken again. 29 3 “Should Have Been”
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Hontō nara

” (Japanese: 本当なら) Masashi Takeuchi Takahiro Miura October 24, 2021 ( ) Whilst the Demon Slayers are asleep, Enmu instructs four vulnerable passengers to tie their wrists to them, fall asleep, and enter their dreams. Armed with an awl made of his bone, they must search for their spiritual core and destroy it, in order to render them incapacitated. Kyojuro’s intruder finds his core, but his intensely strong spirit manages to stop her in the real world. Nezuko, who is unaffected by Enmu’s Blood Demon Art, emerges from her box and tries to wake up Tanjiro. Though her attempts to do so fail, she is able to alert him that he is in a dream and trapped. In an ultimate attempt to wake himself up, Tanjiro draws his sword and slashes his own neck in order to regain consciousness. 30 4 “Insult”
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” (Japanese: 侮辱) Masashi Takeuchi Takahiro Miura November 7, 2021 ( ) Tanjiro’s intruder finds himself in Tanjiro’s subconsciousness. Figments of his spirit guide him to the spiritual core but he relents, unwilling to harm such a pure-hearted soul. Tanjiro awakens and discovers his peers deep asleep. Nezuko burns the ropes off the wrists of the Demon Slayers, which awakens the passengers. They attack Tanjiro, who knocks them out. Tanjiro spares his passenger, after learning how sick and desperate he was. When Zenitsu and Inosuke fail to awaken, Tanjiro tasks Nezuko with protecting the passengers and climbs onto the roof, meeting Enmu. He attacks Lower One, who repeatedly forces him into unconsciousness. However, he is unaffected by knowing to commit suicide in his dreams and beheads him. Enmu does not fade into ash and he gleefully reveals that he has fused with the entire train. Inosuke then awakens and assists Tanjiro in battling the demon. 31 5 “Move Forward!”
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Mae e!

” (Japanese: 前へ!) Toshiyuki Shirai Takahiro Miura November 14, 2021 ( ) Inosuke and Tanjiro attempt to battle Enmu from inside the train but find their attacks futile with his regeneration. Nezuko joins the fight and is nearly overwhelmed until the arrival of Zenitsu. Kyojuro finally joins the fray and damages Enmu enough to stall his assault. The Hashira explains the plan to Tanjiro; he himself, Zenitsu and Nezuko will protect the passengers while he and Inosuke will search for Enmu’s real neck. They locate it at the train’s locomotive, but despite constantly slashing the cabin, Enmu continues to generate flesh as protection. The driver, wanting to protect the demon, stabs Tanjiro in the stomach. However, Tanjiro musters his strength, and, together with Inosuke, manages to expose Enmu’s neckbone. He performs his Hinokami Kagura technique and decapitates Enmu with a powerful swing. The entire train derails and crashes into the ground. 32 6 “Akaza”
(Japanese: 猗窩座) Hideki Hosokawa Haruo Sotozaki November 21, 2021 ( ) After the train derails, Enmu disintegrates. Tanjiro struggles with his wound but manages to stabilize it under Kyojuro’s guidance. They are met by Upper Rank Three, Akaza, who tries to persuade Kyojuro into turning into a demon, achieve immortality and reach a higher power, having sensed how powerful he was. Appealing to his integrity as a Demon Slayer, he immediately refuses, resulting in a battle to the death between the two. He instructs Tanjiro and Inosuke to stay behind. Despite Kyojuro’s tremendous strength and speed, Akaza overwhelms him with his unique martial arts and powerful regeneration, injuring Kyojuro severely. Tanjiro and Inosuke can not do anything but look from afar helplessly. 33 7 “Set Your Heart Ablaze”
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Kokoro o Moyase

” (Japanese: 心を燃やせ) Haruo Sotozaki Haruo Sotozaki November 28, 2021 ( ) With all that is left in him, Kyojuro unleashes one last, powerful attack at Akaza, momentarily stunning him. However, Akaza fatally injures him, and seeing the arrival of daybreak, flees. In desperate fury, Tanjiro flings his sword with all his force at Akaza, who nonetheless escapes as an enraged Tanjiro denounces him as a coward for running away. While Kyojuro succumbs to his injuries, he confides in Tanjiro messages for both his brother and father for him to give them. He accepts Nezuko as a member of the Demon Slayer Corps, and encourages Tanjiro to “set his heart ablaze”. He sees a vision of his proud mother, before passing away peacefully, devastating Tanjiro and Inosuke. The other Hashiras receive the news of Kyojuro’s death, while the head of the Demon Slayer Corps, Kagaya, appreciates him for not letting a single passenger or comrade die in his presence. Entertainment District Arc[c] 34 8 “Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui”
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On Bashira Uzui Tengen

” (Japanese: 音柱・宇髄天元) Shin’ya Shimomura
Kei Tsunematsu Takashi Suhara December 5, 2021 ( ) Akaza meets Muzan, now disguised as a young boy, who reveals his disappointment on Akaza for not being able to kill the other three Demon Slayers other than Kyojuro. Akaza vows to kill Tanjiro as the latter goes to meet Kyojuro’s brother Senjuro and his father. Their father, a former Flame Hashira but now an alcoholic who detests the Demon Slayers and sees both of his sons as failures, dismisses Tanjiro violently. However, when he sees Tanjiro’s earrings, he explains to him he is a bearer of the first breathing technique, called “Sun Breathing”. Tanjiro headbutts him for disrespecting Kyojuro, knocking him out. Later, Senjuro thanks Tanjiro for passing him his brother’s messages. Four months after Kyojuro’s death, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke accompany the Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui to their next mission – infiltrating the famed Yoshiwara red-light district, where demons are said to reside. 35 9 “Infiltrating the Entertainment District”
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Yūkaku Sennyū

” (Japanese: 遊郭潜入) Takashi Suhara Takashi Suhara December 12, 2021 ( ) In order to investigate the suspected demonic presence in Yoshiwara, Tengen had sent his three wives to infiltrate the three largest courtesan Houses in the district. However, having stopped receiving messages from them, he has started worry for their safety. As such, Tengen disguises Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu as girls and sells them to the three Houses in which his wives were deployed, in order to find clues to their fate and whereabouts. Though with some difficulty, all three Demon Slayers are accepted to work at the Houses. As Tengen surveys the district from the rooftops, it is revealed that Makio, one of Tengen’s wives, is held captive in a secluded room in Inosuke’s House, being restrained by numerous obi, and enduring interrogation from a mysterious female voice. 36 10 “What Are You?”
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” (Japanese: 何者?) Akihiko Uda Takashi Suhara December 19, 2021 ( ) Inosuke investigates a room he believes to be Makio’s, expecting to face a demon, but finds the room disheveled and empty. However, he quickly senses something moving through the ceiling and walls, and starts a pursuit, though to no avail. Meanwhile, in his own House, Zenitsu defends a girl from being scolded by Warabihime, the House’s beautiful but intimidating Oiran. Zenitsu recognizes her as a demon but is attacked by her in anger. A few days before the mission, the madam of the house confronts Warabihime, having figured out her identity, but Warabihime kills her by dropping her onto the street from a great height. When Warabihime returns inside, she is greeted by Muzan. Muzan praises the demon, noting her strength and beauty, and addressing her by her demon name Daki: the Upper Rank Six. Later, Zenitsu wakes up, having been taken care of by the girls he had defended, and they thank him for standing his ground. After they leave, Zenitsu is stealthily captured by Daki. 37 11 “Tonight”
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” (Japanese: 今夜) Hideki Hosokawa Takuya Nonaka
Haruo Sotozaki December 26, 2021 ( ) Tanjiro and Inosuke meet to exchange information. Inosuke claims his House has a demon, but their conversation is interrupted by Tengen. Realizing Zenitsu is missing, Tengen dismisses Tanjiro and Inosuke, not wanting them to risk their lives for his needs. The two refuse to abandon him and re-arm for battle. Shedding his disguise completely, Tanjiro approaches the Oiran of his house, who had been aware of him being a male the whole time, and bids her farewell. Meanwhile, Tengen questions the master of Zenitsu’s House at knifepoint, aiming to gain information about the demon. Having just left his House, Tanjiro detects a scent coming from its direction and decides to return, only to be confronted by Daki, who has absorbed the Oiran into her obi. The two begin to fight, and Daki easily overpowers Tanjiro with her numerous obi sashes. With the impact of her attacks, one of the straps on Nezuko’s box breaks, meaning Tanjiro can no longer carry her and has to leave her stationary. Realizing she will be the strongest demon he’s faced thus far, Tanjiro readies himself to face Daki alone. 38 12 “Things Are Gonna Get Real Flashy!!”
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Dohade ni Iku ze!!

” (Japanese: ド派手に行くぜ‼) Takuya Nonaka Takuya Nonaka
Haruo Sotozaki January 2, 2022 ( ) Tengen finds Hinatsuru on the outskirts of the district, having poisoned herself to escape but remained unable to contact him. Battling Daki by himself, Tanjiro tries to use his Hinokami Kagura but realizes the fatigue on his body is preventing him from fighting effectively. Elsewhere, Inosuke discovers an incredibly narrow passageway under his House, leading to a cavern which appears to serve as a holding cell, full of obi that Daki has used to absorb her victims. This obi turns out to be an entity that can function independently from Daki’s body; Inosuke first attempts to slay it but decides to prioritize freeing the people trapped inside. Overwhelmed, he nevertheless manages to free Suma and Makio – two of Tengen’s wives – as well as Zenitsu, all of whom assist him in his fight, before being joined by Tengen himself. 39 13 “Layered Memories”
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Kasanaru Kioku

” (Japanese: 重なる記憶) Jun’ichi Minamino Takahiro Miura January 9, 2022 ( ) As Tanjiro and Daki battle, Daki causes immense destruction to the district, taking the lives of numerous innocents. The enraged Tanjiro retaliates with an incredibly powerful series of Hinokami Kagura attacks, nearly slashing her neck, though Daki saves herself by transforming her neck into an obi, making it difficult to cut. The two continue fighting, and Daki starts to see distant memories of a similar figure to Tanjiro, memories which she surmises must belong to Muzan’s cells in her body. Unleashing another barrage of attacks, Tanjiro nearly cuts Daki’s neck again; however, he had been fighting without breathing, and a vision from his late sister saves him from suffocating. He collapses, struggling to catch his breath. When Daki approaches the injured Tanjiro, Nezuko appears and destroys her head with a kick. Daki remembers Muzan talking about Nezuko as a rogue demon who must be exterminated, and begins fighting her. Daki seemingly bisects Nezuko with ease, but is stunned to see her incredible regenerative power. Biting through her bamboo muzzle, Nezuko matures in appearance, and faces Daki, filled with rage. 40 14 “Transformation”
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” (Japanese: 変貌) Seiji Harada Takahiro Miura January 16, 2022 ( ) Nezuko fights Daki, and despite taking major injuries, she regenerates them almost instantly, causing the shocked Daki to proclaim that Nezuko’s regenerative ability is stronger than her own. Nezuko brutally attacks Daki, completely overwhelming her, and throws her into an inhabited building. While Daki heals, Nezuko notices that one of the civilians is bleeding. Blinded by her rage, her demonic bloodlust kicks in and she goes to attack the civilian, before Tanjiro intervenes, restraining her. Tengen soon arrives and beheads Daki with ease, doubting she is as powerful as she claims. However, Daki does not die. Instead, she wails and cries, causing her brother Gyutaro to emerge from within her. Gyutaro, who is also the Upper Six alongside Daki, reattaches Daki’s head, and, full of jealousy at Tengen’s good looks, begins to fight him using his sickles and Blood Demon Art. Overwhelmed, Tengen struggles to stand his ground while protecting the civilians, as Daki and Gyutaro fight as one. Tanjiro manages to calm Nezuko down, just as Zenitsu and Inosuke arrive to help. 41 15 “Gathering”
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” (Japanese: 集結) Ken Takahashi Ken Takahashi January 23, 2022 ( ) Taking Nezuko back to her box, Tanjiro focuses on the coming battle despite his injuries. Tengen trades barbs with Gyutaro and Daki over their clashing beliefs. As a young man, Tengen was brutally trained by his father as a member of the Shinobi, and wanting to avoid the path taken by his surviving brother, he approached Kagaya, alongside his wives, who commended him on striving away from his past. As they fight, he forces the siblings apart, but realises he was poisoned by Gyutaro’s earlier cut. Tengen is suddenly joined by Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke, proceeding to praise and acknowledge the three. The district is evacuated by Suma and Makio, while Hinatsuru recovers and approaches the battle. Planning to behead them simultaneously, the clash is split as Daki engages Zenitsu and Inosuke, while Gyutaro clashes with Tengen and Tanjiro. Syncing their powers and fighting as one, the Upper Rank siblings overwhelm the Demon Slayers. However, Tanjiro, realizing his Water Breathing technique is more useful to defend himself, uses it instead of his Hinokami Kagura to fend of Gyutaro’s attacks. Hinatsuru interrupts the fight and fires a barrage of kunai laced with wisteria-based poison at Gyutaro, giving enough time for Tengen to slice off his legs, which do not regenerate quickly, and for Tanjiro to move in with his sword. 42 16 “Defeating an Upper Rank Demon”
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Jōgen no Oni o Taoshitara

” (Japanese: 上弦の鬼を倒したら) Jun’ichi Minamino Haruo Sotozaki January 30, 2022 ( ) Tengen and Tanjiro close into Gyutaro’s neck, but the demon neutralizes the wisteria poison and regenerates his legs. With his Blood Demon Art, he fends off Tengen and grabs Hinatsuru. Seeing her life in danger and hearing Tengen’s pleas, Tanjiro combines his Hinokami Kagura and Water Breathing, unleashing a very fast charge that stuns the Upper Rank and saves her. Tengen shows his gratitude and joins him in attempting again to slice off Gyutaro’s head, while Zenitsu and Inosuke continue to fend off Daki’s obi. Gyutaro stops the blades from hitting him and unleashes his Blood Demon Art again, forcing Tengen to throw himself and Gyutaro away to save Hinatsuru and Tanjiro. With Tengen continuing to fight Gyutaro alone, Tanjiro joins Zenitsu and Inosuke in facing Daki. Coordinating their attacks, Tanjiro and Zenitsu open the way for Inosuke, who saws off Daki’s head with his swords and runs away with it, preventing reattachment to her body. Gyutaro suddenly appears, stabbing Inosuke from behind and retrieving Daki’s head. Tanjiro turns around, only to see Tengen’s severed hand and unconscious body on the ground. Devastated for not being able to help Inosuke and Tengen in time, Tanjiro freezes; Zenitsu pushes him off the roof to save him from an incoming obi attack. 43 17 “Never Give Up”
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Zettai Akiramenai

” (Japanese: 絶対諦めない) Toshiyuki Shirai Toshiyuki Shirai February 6, 2022 ( ) Tanjiro, having survived his fall, approaches Nezuko’s box, and sees that she is still inside. Gyutaro then arrives and mocks him for having been unable to defend her and his friends, slamming him around the burning remains of the city. With Tanjiro at his mercy, Gyutaro proposes he become a demon, willing to spare his life; Tanjiro responds by head-butting him. Enraged, Gyutaro prepares to attack but is paralyzed by a wisteria kunai, stabbed in his leg when Tanjiro hit him. With Upper Six immobilized, Tanjiro attempts to behead him with Hinokami Kagura once more. Daki sees this but is attacked by Zenitsu before she can kill Tanjiro, using his fastest form yet. He hits Daki’s obi neck and begins to cut through. Gyutaro removes the kunai and quickly recovers from the poison. Before he can kill Tanjiro, Tengen, having slowed the poison’s effects, intervenes and fights with Gyutaro evenly despite his lost hand. Tanjiro sees his chance and slashes the demon’s neck, getting stabbed through the jaw doing so. Fighting the pain, he summons the last of his strength and begins to sever Gyutaro’s neck. Zenitsu’s attack begins to lose momentum without him able to behead Daki, but he is joined by Inosuke; he reveals he moved his internal organs when he was stabbed, enabling Gyutaro’s sickle to miss his heart. They join their swords on Daki’s neck. The Demon Slayers then simultaneously behead the siblings, whose heads roll close to each other. As Tanjiro reels from the poison, Tengen tells him to run, just as a large explosion erupts from Gyutaro’s body, sending waves of blood blades and destroying the city. 44 18 “No Matter How Many Lives”
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Nando Umarekawatte mo

” (Japanese: 何度生まれ変わっても) Hideki Hosokawa Toshiyuki Shirai
Takashi Suhara February 13, 2022 ( )[d] Nezuko burns the blood blades with her Blood Demon Art. Waking up, Tanjiro realizes he no longer feels the poison and reunites with Nezuko. He soon finds Zenitsu, who guides him to a dying Inosuke; Nezuko burns away the poison inside, saving him. They find Tengen at the verge of death, surrounded by his wives and she saves him as well. The two set out to finish the demons off. They find a pool of blood and Tanjiro takes a sample for Tamayo. They find the siblings, arguing with each other over whose fault their defeat is, and insulting their relationship. As Tanjiro intervenes and stops them, Daki fades away first. Seeing her die, Gyutaro remembers his life as a human. Born in the poorest caste of the Entertainment District, his ugliness gave him a dire childhood, being treated as a monster by all. Unloved and living in horrible conditions, things seemed to change when his sister, Ume, was born. With her beauty, the siblings began living a better life. However, when she was thirteen, Ume attacked a samurai with a hairpin and was burned and left to die in retaliation. Finding her body, Gyutaro is slashed from behind by the same samurai, asked by Ume’s madam. However, he survives and kills them with his sickle. With no one to help, they are found by Upper Rank Six of the time, who offers to turn then into demons. Gyutaro meets with Ume in the afterlife, where they finally reconcile and promise to never be apart again, walking to Hell together; Gyutaro finally disintegrates. Obanai Iguro, the Serpent Hashira, arrives and condescendingly congratulates Tengen for killing an Upper Rank. However, Tengen intends to retire and informs him that Tanjiro is a good candidate to take his spot. In the Demon Slayer Corps headquarters, an increasingly ill Kagaya is overjoyed at the news, and expresses his proudness in the three young Demon Slayers, noting Muzan’s defeat is near. Elsewhere, Akaza is summoned to the Infinity Castle and realizes that an Upper Rank has been killed. Tanjiro reunites and emotionally embraces with Zenitsu and Inosuke, happy to be alive, amongst the ruins of the Entertainment District.