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Fried rice with Kimchi served hot. Kimchi fried rice [ 1 ] or kimchi-bokkeum-bap [ 1 ] ( 김치볶음밥 ) is a variety of bokkeum-bap ( “ fried rice ” ), a popular cup of tea in South Korea. [ 2 ] Kimchi fried rice is made primarily with kimchi and rice, along with early available ingredients, such as dice vegetables or meats like spam. [ 2 ]

Ingredients [edit ]

Leftover chilled rice and over-ripened kimchi are normally preferred in preparing kimchi fried rice [ 3 ] Over-ripened kimchi can besides be used for cooking kimchi jjigae. [ 2 ] as they can produce a richer relish and texture as opposed to freshly-made kimchi and rice. [ 3 ] In preliminary training, surplus “kimchiso” ( hangul : 김치소 ), kimchi fill, by and large shred radish, park onions and jeotgal ( fermented and salted seafood ), are taken out from the kimchi. The kimchi is then squeezed to discard its brine. Without completing the action, the attendant smasher can be mushy in texture.

Along with kimchi and rice, kimchi fry rice can contain many kinds of ingredients. [ 3 ] Pork or spam are the most coarse ; however, beef, wimp, bacon, ham, canned tuna, or runt can be used. rather of kernel, mushrooms can be used as a substitute, in which case the ingredient ‘s name may be prefixed to the dish ‘s list such as “beoseot-kimchi-bokkeum-bap” ( hangul : 버섯김치볶음밥, literally “ mushroom kimchi fried rice ” ). kernel ingredients are chopped into the smasher in concert with vegetables such as onion, carrot or zucchini. however, ingredients depend on personal preference and occasion. A humble sum of minced garlic and sliced green pepper can be used as seasoning. These ingredients are fried in a pan with a little vegetable or sesame oil. After the fudge dish is put on a plate or in a bowl, a electrocute egg is sometimes served on top. [ 3 ] thinly shredded gim, chopped scallions or sesame are spread over it to enhance the spirit and to garnish .

popularity [edit ]

Since kimchi fried rice is brassy and easy to make in a short circuit time period of meter, it is favored by students living alone who can not afford expensive meals. [ 3 ] Kimchi fried rice is besides a democratic item for lunch at a bunsikjeom ( “ bunsik place ” ). As the dish is hot and blue, it is typically served with danmuji and a minor bowling ball of any kind of meek and warm soup such as miyeok-guk ( “ wakame soup ” ), [ 4 ] or kongnamul-guk ( “ soy shoot soup ” ). During summer, cool dongchimi ( white, watery kimchi made of radish ) can besides be accompanied with the cup of tea.

The popularity of kimchi fried rice is besides reflected in south korean pop culture. Byun Jin-sub, a popular male singer in the late 1980s, sang a sung titled “ Wishes ” ( hangul : 희망사항 ) in which he stated that the singer ‘s ideal girlfriend would be one who cooks good kimchi fried rice. Taeyang says in his 2010 sung “ I Need A Girl ” that his ideal girlfriend will eat the kimchi fried rice that he cooks. [ 3 ] [ 5 ]

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